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Ad number:#332491643
Contact:Monica Watson
Compensation:commissio + monthly
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compensation: Based on performance pay is commission plus monthly based on sales volumn

employment type: employee's choice

telecommuting okay


Introducing the "Royaltie Gem"

Royaltie is a Tech Company in the Proximity Marketing niche and has revolutionized

the way companies promote and brand their business.


The Royaltie Gem Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts NEW Customers

by Sending Notifications to Every Android Phone within 50-100 yards of the device

with a 40 Character Message and Link to your https URL.It's Incredible! Not many have seen them, so your customers will be instantly intrigued!


The Gem is a proximity marketing beacon, fits in the palm of your hand, and can be easily set up in your back office or the free app, just by typing in the message and the https link you want the Gem to promote. It's insane! Businesses buy dozens of them at a time. They leave them in stadiums, high traffic dept. stores, conventions, in their pocket/pocketbook...


Some of Easiest Categories to Sell the Gems Will Include; Real Estate Agents/Rental Communities:


Place a Gem in each of your properties, so that anyone driving by or viewing the

property can watch a virtual tour of the listing or be directed to a download link where

they can receive a comprehensive property report, and demographics of the area! Your

message can lead them to a mortgage payment calculator or a prequalification

questionnaire and your immediate contact information!


Car/Truck Dealerships, Home Service/Improvement Companies, Vape Shops, Salons/

Barbers, Bars/Restaurants, Musicians, Models, Actors, Marketers, etc etc No matter what your customer’s business is it needs marketing.




This can be an out in the field with appointments and present the product to a business and/or you can promote the beacon marketing devices online, and to businesses that will use "the Gem" to sell their own product or service. We will go into more detail on this in your interview. We will teach you the entire selling process down to the questions your prospects will ask and the answers to them. This is a self-paced training to learn the products you’ll be selling.


You will receive a "full" marketing system that does all of the telling and selling for you

like this one:


You're earning Upfront Commissions and Residual Income. When your customer signs

up for any Royaltie service or purchase any products within the company (just like they

do their utilities, cable/internet bill) you get paid, and then every time your customer pays their monthly bill for the Royaltie Services, you get a Monthly Override, AND THERE'S ZERO COMPETITION. NONE!!!


1 Presentation Close - 15 Min. Sale! Once you see the 3-min. video on how it works

(the same video you're going to show your business prospects) you'll understand why it's such a game changer and why your prospects are going to say "where do I sign, let's do it!" with no consideration, but a few questions on how it works.


Get this: 1Gem is only $25/mo, 3 Gem's are $49/mo, 8 Gem's are ONLY $109/mo.

plus a lot more. For a small business owner this is PEANUTS, but you get a % of their

monthly bill and they never stop paying!! And if you think about it, it's not like you're

pitching a product in the 4 figures, so they buy it right then and there, show it to all

their friends who are also going to want them too, never stop paying for them, and buy

more as they get more eyeballs on their business from them. It's a beautiful thing. People leave them in stadiums, malls, conventions; they fit on your keychain and you can remotely change the messages in real time. 2-year battery LIFE, water-resistant - leave them in the grass next to the entrances to highways and get 10,000 hits to your site!! Not kidding! So, let’s show you the coolest thing since the camera phone! Nothing on the earth is easier to sell, NOTHING!


Before we speak, please familiarize yourself with Royaltie and everything Royaltie has

to offer at


Also: Ask about our 400-1,000 meter Beacons and Guest WiFi services which just

launched in March 2018.

We are only looking for self-motivated Sales Reps to join our company. Contact me now if you’ve read this far and have familiarized yourself and are ready to start today!  Contact number is in the ad. 

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