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Responsible for assisting and managing the overall Profit and Loss of a laundry route business and retail appliance store along with the day to day operations. In addition, the Branch Manager will also work in the role of sales associate and service manager. Supervise and schedule the work load of field employees (service, installations and collections) according to priority and maintain an orderly workflow. The Branch Manager may be asked to perform other duties as assigned and this job description is not all encompassing. 


Duties include:

•           Floor Management

o           Floor Plan

o           POP

o           Price Tags

o           Responsible for proper tagging procedure

o           Rebates

o           Promotional Product Placements and in store sales

o           Keep show room equipment dust free

o           Cleanliness (including public spaces)

•           Back Office/Warehouse Organization and Cleanliness

•           Managing staff, training and work schedules

•           Inventory

•           Ordering appliances and parts

•           New Hire Training

o           Computer, handhelds, equipment, card systems, mobile pay systems

o           Sales

o           Processes and Procedures

•           Safety education, training and enforcement

•           Ensure building/facility/parking lot/signage is maintained and in working order at all times. 

•           Create a culture of excellence through effective communication, coaching and teamwork while providing clear and concise direction to all employees.

•           Furthering the values/expectations as a company as well as the values/expectations of your specific location

•           ALSU Certifications of service, collectors and installers (Laundry Route Only)


Job Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned):



•            Advises customers of necessary repair service including estimates of cost; also makes recommendations to customers for preventative maintenance.

•           Handles customer complaint problems pertaining to service and repair work.

•           Supervises the training of service technicians with in-house training and outside class training programs. 

•           Maintains all service tools and service vehicles in a clean and orderly fashion.

•           Responsible for keeping shop/warehouse area clean.

•           Responsible for maintaining workplace safety of all employees and maintaining a safe working environment in the shop/warehouse area and reporting all accidents to Human Resources immediately.

•           Involved in advertising for new service personnel and promoting within.

•           Working with Laundry Route Sales on equipment condition in the field (i.e., is the equipment good enough for another contract term, should existing equipment be changed out if needed, etc.)

•           Responsible for prompt reconditioning of trade-in equipment.

•           Orders and maintains supplies and parts for adequate service department inventory.

•           Work with upper management for operating efficiencies and assist sales in the right equipment needs.

•           Works in co-ordination with Parts, Office, Service, Sales and Management.

•           Make sure warranty claims are processed and forwarded to supplier in a timely fashion.

•           Listens to problems of all personnel and work out satisfactorily or, brings problems to management for possible solution.

•           Inspects all completed work turned in to the Service Department as is appropriate.

•           Helps service personnel diagnose troubles if they do not know the problem or cannot find it.

•           Responsible for issuing purchase orders for the service department.

•           See that job tickets are promptly charged out, both customer and internal.

•           Responsible for the personnel under his management, i.e., authorizing time off, managing excessive sick leave, managing attendance, etc. 

•           Open and close retail store. 

•           Assist customers with customer service questions and concerns

•           Assist other departments with questions and concerns

•           Inspection of sales orders

•           Review and distribute open sales reports.

•           Motivating associates to achieve/set sales and warranty goals

•           Accounts receivable

•           Visually see customers entering the store and move quickly to greet them

•           Assist customers to qualify needs to demonstrate merchandise using feature benefit formula

•           Product knowledge and attend training sessions

•           Explain purchase and warranty options

•           Explain finance options

•           Assist customers with questions

•           Calculate the cost and payment due

•           Complete sales order, including entering the order into system

•           Make accurate change for the sale

•           Resolve customer concerns and follow-up

•           Work scheduled hours and be prompt and on time

•           Handle incoming phone calls quickly and courteously

•           Make follow up calls on existing quotes in a timely manner

•           Complete and file paperwork

•           Light lifting and cleaning

•           Proficient in checking customer account balances in system

•           Proficient in checking inventory in system

•           Must project a positive attitude within the department and the overall company

•           Must acknowledge, understand, and promote the corporate vision and mission

•           Able to effectively navigate through audit laundry equipment in the field and use handhelds

•           Ensure part inventory on service vehicles is maintained to satisfactory levels to ensure timely service of down machines/appliances. 



Positions Supervised & Responsibilities

•           Sales Associates

•           Administrative Associates

•           Service/Collection Technicians

•           Installation Technicians



•           Appliance Product Knowledge

•           Appliance Installation Knowledge

•           Computer Skills – Intermediate level PC skills, ability to learn point-of-sale operating system

•           Phone and Customer Service skills

•           Company policies and procedures

•           ALSU Certification

•           Good communication and problem solving skills

•           Driven, self-motivated


Job Qualifications:


Education and/or Experience:

•           Sales Experience

•           Supervisory skills

•           Mechanical aptitude

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