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Sales Marketing Representative - REMOTE POSITION - WORK FROM HOME


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Ad number:#803338777
Contact:Todd Whitcomb
City:Las Vegas
Compensation:$20,000 to $100,000


Job Description

Sales and Marketing Representative - Work From Home - Business to Consumer

We are a "Work From Home Business Model" with absolutely:

  • No Investment
  • No Buying & Selling Products
  • No stocking inventory, etc...

Help consumers obtain day to day consumables direct from North America's largest and oldest online shopping club. Earn commissions every time a person eats, drinks, bathes, cleans the house, does laundry, etc., etc. They simply switch stores and you get paid. The closest comparison to our store would be Costco, Sam's Club, Amazon Prime, whereby there are membership benefits. The difference with us is that commissions are earned when members shop and over 96% do so on a month to month basis. Over 1.6 Million dollars are now being paid out per day to those working with us.

We are looking for LEADERS who are not easily discouraged by those who do not see the value of what is offered. The position requires discipline and endurance. If you have what it takes, are willing to be trained and follow the proven steps to success, you will be thrilled to have partnered with us. We are now the #1 work from home business model in North America.

Candidates must adhere to set standards and procedures and also be willing to work a minimum of 10 Hours per week.


Required Skills

  • Ability to work well with the public
  • Self motivated and outgoing
  • Adhere to company policies
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Computer, internet and telephone skills

Job Description

  • Set up shopping accounts
  • Explain the benefits of the alternative shopping system
  • Explain how to obtain cash back at 2,000 Retail Partners
  • Monitor existing accounts
  • Regular communication with customers
  • Monthly follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction
  • Promote company through positive communication
  • Familiarity with product line

Compensation (all applicable)

  • Checks are issued on the 16th of each month. Direct Deposit on the 12th of each month also available when qualified.
  • Residual Monthly income from repeat customer purchases
  • Commission bonuses
  • Performance bonuses
  • Car bonus
  • Comprehensive training included

This is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity, NO mandatory investment of any kind required.


Why This Works

We are experiencing tremendous growth because more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of switching to safer consumer products. Revenues over the past few years have increased by 1/2 Billion dollars annually. There are currently 50,000 - 100,000 orders being placed daily.

Consumer product essentials are a multi-billion dollar industry. Products sold on local store shelves have about a 60% markup. We eliminate the "middleman" by enabling consumers to obtain their day to day essentials direct from the manufacturer. Over 96% of those who shopped with us last month are shopping again this month. This fuels a true lifelong residual income because you get paid every time the person who you set up the account for shops and shops. They simply switch stores for what they were shopping for anyways.

There are many additional bonuses explained during a scheduled approximate 30 minute overview. Some of the incentives are extra bonuses of $1,000's added to pay, car bonus, free trips, and more. You also receive a free license to operate within the country of Canada, United Sates and Mexico. A $75 license is available for those wishing to do business in the other 18 countries we are currently operating in.

When you join our team, you tap into decades of experience with those who have successfully operated an at home business. You receive free training, marketing tools, a personal website, and more; all to ensure you too experience success.

We are often asked, "Is this a 'commission only' type job?" The usual intent behind the question is, "is there a base salary?" The truthful answer is, "this is much better than salary". A true "residual income" is one that steadily grows as you work from month to month. This is obviously much better than being locked into a "salary". The average income for those working only 5 - 10 hours per week is $500 - $2,500 per month. More hours equates to more pay. This is a real business that pays very well for those willing to work.


Company Description

Shopping Club Advantage is partnered with one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods in the world, offering our members direct access to wholesale prices on over 400 day to day consumables and exclusive discounts at 1,000’s of Online Retailers.

In addition to saving people money, what makes Shopping Club Advantage different, is instead of using conventional advertising, we rely on old fashioned word of mouth referrals, paying our Referral Partners for spreading the word about the advantages of shopping at our online store.

Millions of people are currently benefiting from a unique shopping system that enables consumers to pay less for their consumables by purchasing them directly from the manufacturer.

Become part of a well established 35 year old company with a debt free, solid AAA financial rating, revenues in excess of 2 Billion dollars annually, inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame, and with a AAA+ rating with Better Business Bureau, including the prestigious BBB Torch Award for outstanding integrity and customer service. Over 6 Billion dollars have been paid out to our marketing team.

No other company in the world over the past 35+ years has come even close to being as successful in penetrating the competitive consumer packaged goods market, and considering our explosive growth over the past couple of years, consumers are seeing the value of obtaining their consumables directly from the manufacturer in order to save money.


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