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Electrical / Electronic Technician - Installs, Repairs & Maintains Electrical Cables - Akron, OH - JOB 22-00311
Pay Range: Negotiable - Permanent Position with Benefits.
A plastic fabrication company is seeking to hire an Electrical / Electronic Technician for their maintenance department. This would include but is not limited to: analyzing and correcting electrical and electronic problems throughout the plant, repairing and overhauling electrical equipment on controls, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance on equipment, controls machinery and building.

2nd Shift: 3:00 PM  11:00 PM

  • High School Vocational Education or higher in electrical/electronic field.
  • An ability to read and write.  Must be able to follow verbal as well as written instructions and have a thorough understanding of electrical/electronic basics and procedures.  An excellent working knowledge of plastic injection machinery/equipment.
  • Must be a previously trained, certified electrician with at least three (5) years' experience working with plastic injection machinery/equipment or at least four (5) years' experience in machine repair of plastic injections machinery/equipment.
  • Must be able to understand and trouble shoot a variety of electrical and electronic machinery, equipment, components and structures.  Must have a thorough understanding of electric and electronics.  Must possess excellent figure aptitude and arithmetic skills; an ability work accurately with electricity.  A detailed knowledge of electrical safe practices, a willingness to work overtime, abnormal work hours and weekends as necessary; must have a detailed knowledge of wiring practices and electronic supplies/inventory.
  • Independent Judgment:  Semi-Regular. Uses when troubleshooting, working on equipment, diagnosing problems, and suggested solutions.  Works with little supervision and has to make some autonomous decisions.
  • Follows regulatory, company, and departmental procedures implicitly. In the execution of the job function the Electrical/Electronic must focus on the quality aspect of all maintenance activities.  Each assigned activity has at least an indirect if not direct impact on the profitability of the company.  Doing the fob right the first time and in a timely manner is important to meeting management expectations.  The Electrical/Electronic is involved with the quality of the maintenance department.  It should always be a goal to achieve zero defects on each job.  Material loss as well as time loss must be minimized at all times.  Quality is the number one priority.


  • Plans details of working procedure by determining equipment/machinery needs and develops a logical, pragmatic approach to correct the problem;
  • Analyzes circuits, wiring diagrams and drawings to install, repair, calibrate, service or replace electrical/electronic devices and systems;
  • Receives wiring diagrams, specifications and instructions covering emergency and scheduled repairs and inspection work to be performed;
  • Services electrical/electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuit boards, and controls;
  • Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical cables, power distribution cables and splicing pieces as necessary;
  • Fabricates parts when necessary, using machines and/or hand tools common to the trade;
  • Determines need for, analyzes and makes necessary running adjustments, repairs, and overhauls;
  • Advises and communicates regarding potentially dangerous electrical/electronic equipment and machinery problems;
  • Follows and ensures all lockout/tag-out procedures related to electrical, equipment, machines, and other forms of energy are followed;
  • Communicates potential equipment problems and dangers;
  • Performs routine maintenance/cleaning duties in the Department on equipment and area;
  • Works in close association with Injection Molding Shift Foreman;
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.


  • Routinely requires working in close quarters, beneath machines and equipment and in uncomfortable positions.  Requires climbing and working with heights.  Constant movements of wrists and shoulders, legs, waist and back; uses hand – eye coordination on a regular basis, uses a high degree of precision and attention to prevent injury to self and others, has to work with and around heat and dusts; is constantly exposed to danger from high voltage electricity.

Candidates are required to pass a Criminal Background Check and a 10 Panel Drug Screen.
Only U.S. Citizens or persons with a Green Card work permit may apply.
Due to the large amount of resumes we expect to receive only the most qualified candidates will be contacted. We will retain all other resumes for any future job considerations.
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