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Ad number:#1012455889
City:Akron, OH


Mold Setter / Die Setter - Troubleshoot & Repair - Akron, OH - JOB 22-00309
Pay Range: Negotiable - Permanent Position with Benefits.
A plastic fabrication company is seeking to hire a Mold Setter / Die Setter will perform the following; setting molds in injection plastic machines with all related connections and hook-ups, processing set-ups, testing dials and controls, performing general service duties and custodial/clean-up on equipment and for the department as necessary. Troubleshoots problems with mold operations, performs minor mold maintenance/repair, assists foreman with machine and equipment related problems.
1 st Shift: 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

  • High school education, GED or higher
  • An ability to read and write. Must be able to follow verbal as well as written instructions and measure accurately.
  • At least 2 years' experience in the set-up of molds on plastic injection machines or experience equivalent and driving a tow motor. Must have a current valid Driver's License. Processing operation of molding equipment and robots
  • Performs duties with moderate supervision, makes some independent judgments when setting/removing molds. Also, utilizes independent judgments when assisting shift foreman or filling in for shift foreman, taking inventory.
  • Follow regulatory, company and departmental procedures implicitly. In the execution of their job functions, Mold Setter personnel must focus on the quality aspect of their activities. Each assigned activity has at least an indirect if not direct impact on the profitability of the department. Doing the job right the first time and in a timely manner is important to meeting management expectations.


  • Cleans mold mounting surfaces before setting mold
  • Sets up and removes molds in the injection molding process;
  • Lines up mold and sprue bushing in preparation of mounting the mold in the press;
  • Transports mold to and from press using a tow motor or crane;
  • Utilizes hazardous energy control procedures;
  • Performs all auxiliary set up duties, all connections, hooks up with water lines, air lines, thermolators, hoses, and hydraulic lines, cores, and knock out plates;
  • Starts production, processes set ups, adjusts press, and performs startups on presses as directed;
  • Troubleshoots and handles problems with molds and presses;
  • Assists foremen with machine and equipment problems, cleans and lubricates mold surfaces before & after production;
  • Fills in for foremen as directed pertaining to machine scheduling and shift production;
  • Updates shop order, process documentation, work instructions as required
  • Performs general service activities when needed;
  • Repairs molds, disassembles molds following all safety precautions & overhead hoist safely;
  • Communicates specific job requirements to following shift personnel;
  • Performs other duties as assigned and directed.


  • Routinely lifts 25-75 lbs. Requires lifting of heavy items; job requires being on feet most of the shift, bends, twists, stoops, walks, lifts and extensively uses hands, wrists and shoulders, legs, waist, and back, uses hand/eye coordination to set/move mold, drive tow motor and fill hoppers; has to work with and around heat and dusts; must be able to climb and work comfortably at heights, in tight places and uncomfortable positions. Must be able to exert enough pressure to securely tighten mold bolts, connections, and hook-ups.

Candidates are required to pass a Criminal Background Check and a 10 Panel Drug Screen.
Only U.S. Citizens or persons with a Green Card work permit may apply.
Due to the large amount of resumes we expect to receive only the most qualified candidates will be contacted. We will retain all other resumes for any future job considerations.
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Integrity Technical Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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