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Seeking armed and unarmed Security Officers in the entire SF Bay Area for full-time and part-time employment. Entry level and supervisory roles available with potential to grow quickly! Inquire below.



Founded in 2016, Done Right Security (DRS) has specialized in gating and access control, fire and intrusion alarms, and CCTV systems. We have recently introduced a guard and patrol division to our company to group all of our clients’ security needs into one package, and are now seeking people like you to become a part of our team. Inquire today about how we can work together to do security right!

Why Join Our Team?

Most newly established security companies that offer guard and patrol services are forced to underpay their employees to save costs, and usually cannot afford to provide their employees with medical benefits and other perks. At even the most well-established security companies, Security Officers and Dispatchers tend to find themselves stuck in their current position, making the same salary year after year and with no room to grow. This is because promotional opportunities are limited because the top positions are already filled. Due to our pre-existing divisions, DRS is already a well-established company. This allows us to provide our team members with amazing benefits and perks. But given the fact that the guard division is brand new, team members will be faced with an abundance of promotional opportunities to grow their career within our company.

Benefits & Perks

  • Medical Benefits: $200/Month to each full-time team member’s medical, dental, and vision health insurance.
  • Training & Requalification: Prior to being hired, team members must possess the BSIS minimum certifications and licenses requirements necessary for their job duties. Don’t have your certifications? No problem! After being hired by DRS, you can use our discount code for $10 off any training course. Once you are employed with DRS, we will provide you with ongoing training and recertification courses at no cost to you. Training includes: Annual Defensive Tactics (take downs, pepper spray, and handcuffing), Semi-Annual Firearm training and requalification (cost of ammunition and $100 state fee on 4th requalification not included), Bi-Annual CPR/1st Aid, and Annual Baton & Taser training.
  • Paid Holidays: All team members get 7 paid holidays per year and/or double-time pay for holidays worked. Holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and 2 floating holidays of your choice.
  • Paid Vacation: After their probationary period, full-time team members accrue up to 5 paid vacation days in their first year. Full-time team members can then accrue up to 15 paid vacation days depending on how many years they have worked with our company.
  • Direct Deposit: All team members will be eligible for direct deposit.
  • Uniforms & Equipment: All team members will be provided with quality uniforms and equipment required for their job responsibilities. Equipment includes uniforms, duty belts, pepper spray, handcuffs, and all holsters required for the job (firearm holsters not included but can be purchased at a discounted rate).
  • State-Of-The-Art Tools: All team members will have access to advanced report writing software, digital communications systems, and other modern technology to ensure easier and more efficient methods of completing tasks and assignments.

Available Positions

DRS is currently seeking Dispatchers ($16-$18 per hour), Unarmed Security Officers ($16-$18 per hour), Unarmed Security Sergeants ($18-$20 per hour), Unarmed Security Lieutenants ($20-$22 per hour), Unarmed Security Captains ($22-$24 per hour), Armed Security Officers ($19-$21 per hour), Armed Security Sergeants ($21-$23 per hour), Armed Security Lieutenants ($23-$25 per hour), and Armed Security Captains ($25-$27 per hour).

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Inquire by calling (650) 339-2087 or e-mailing the division Commander at

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