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Ad number:#386735057
Contact:Nursing Recruiter
Compensation:Free housing


Hello, My name is LD. I'm a recruiter for the Washington, Oregon area and  I am seeking RN's looking to relocate to the Washington and Oregon state. We have many nursing openings and looking to start a "Nurse's Lounge" in Washington and Oregon. You may ask what's a "Nurse's Lounge". It's just a cool way to describe the housing experience. You will be paired with liked minded RN's looking to relocate to a highier paid states. Pairing would consist of 2-3 other nurses. Because this is a shared community is it expected that everyone would be respectful of others things and space. Private room with shared bathroom. Wii fii and utilities also covered with free housing. This Nurse's Lounge is not kid friendly. Housing will be provided at a minimum of 3 months in exchange for working 40hrs/wk with staffing company. You will get competitive wages 35+/hr + housing. If you  are still thinking about it?  Ask yourself if you need a change of scenery? How much can you save in 3months without having any overhead?  Do you want to start over and need a stepping stone? Furnished shared housing in one of the highest grossing states for RNs in the US. 

Skilled RNs (BSN gets a bonus) minimal 1yr experience, in possession of uncumbered Washington state nursing license. (If you don't have this your license it is required before signing contract for housing deal), curent CPR/BLS card, pass background and drug testing, good references, good communication skills and ability to adjust to new enironments. 


Yes LPN are also hired with this company but housing is RN focused trial at this time. This may be an option offered to LPNs in the future. Please make this known when speaking with a recruitng specialist. 

Yes, We do offer Nurse's Lounge that are kid friendly and offer in house child companionship at an out of pocket expense to the nurse. 

No, you will not be hired for housing contracts without proof of Wa or Or nursing license. 

Yes, you can extend housing after your 3months of free housing, but there is a  small fee for boarding.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email ay 5starnurses@gmailcom. I would love to have the first Lounge up and running by January 2019.


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