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Entry Level Machine Operator


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Contact:Victoria Lara




Entry Level Machine Operator 

Location : Ogden, Utah 

Shift: Night Shift & Day Shifts Aveilable 

 S,M,TH,F,S one week and T, W next week 7pm – 7:30am or 7am-7:30pm 


Pay Rate: $16.00


Special Instructions: Able to lift up to 50lbs frequently. Good attendance. 


Dress Code: Steel Toe Shoes Required


Minimum Job Requirements:

Education/Experience: High school diploma or equivalent, preferred. 12 to 24 months experience in a manufacturing environment a plus.

Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, Abilities, etc.: High school level reading, math, writing and comprehension skills. Must be able to comprehend the recipes. Must be able to understand and follow processing, safety, and quality guidelines written in English. Must have or be able to obtain forklift operators permit. Must be able to work in a team oriented environment. Must be able to process extensive amounts of documentation legibly.

Working Conditions: Position may require walking/standing for long periods; reaching above shoulder heights, below the waist or lifting. Frequent relocating of 100-200 lb. fiber barrels and 55 lb. bags required. Exposure to powder and heavy equipment in a loud manufacturing atmosphere. Manufacturing environment with exposure to powder mineral products, cleaning chemicals, restricted movement, dirty environment, hazardous materials, lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Must be Clean Shaved.

Job Description:

Set up, operate, clean, or tend machines to mix, blend or agglomerate materials such as food grade chemicals, liquids, or color pigments.

Essential responsibilities and authority include but are not limited to the following:

Learn and demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Raw material blending,
  • Finished goods packaging,
  • Special packaging requirements,
  • Sampling finished product,
  • Testing product according to established procedures,
  • International Standardization Organization (ISO) principles,
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Learn and demonstrate knowledge of inventory control procedures and production batch records.

Demonstrate willingness to learn and obtain the ability to operate the company’s manufacturing equipment:

  • Spray dryer,
  • Mixing vessels,
  • Packaging equipment,
  • Processing equipment.

Learn material-blending procedures and demonstrate ability to perform blending processes.

All employees are required to adhere to all certification compliance requirements, (i.e. GMP, ISO, Kosher, Halal, etc.)

Must also follow CIP chemical cleaning; COP chemical cleaning, maintaining a clean work environment, following work instructions, reading work instructions, following and comprehension of paperwork, documentation and proper material handling. Assist with water room duties as yet to be described such as adjusting pH, addition of antifoam, etc.

Safety Expectations:

  1. Responsible for performing all job requirements in a safe manner using the proper PPE and being a proactive safety role model with co-workers.
  2. Responsible for correcting/reporting unsafe behaviors or equipment to ensure a safe working environment.
  3. Responsible for cleanliness within the work department.
  4. Perform Safety Audits
  5. Complete and maintain all safety training.

Quality/Food Safety Expectations:

  1. Follow all Food safety practices and processes applicable to the department.
  2. Perform/execute job duties keeping the company’s commitment to quality in mind.
  3. Monitor and maintain all food safety activities as part of daily tasks.
  4. Enforce food safety plan while producing product.
  5. Perform daily GMP audits.


Level 1

  1. Add or mix chemicals and ingredients for processing, using hand tools or other devices.
  2. Examine materials, ingredients, or products visually in order to ensure conformance to established standards.
  3. Observe production and monitor equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  4. Weigh or measure materials, ingredients, and products to ensure conformance to requirements.
  5. Clean and maintain equipment, using hand tools. Display proper use of hand tools.
  6. Collect samples of materials or products for laboratory testing.
  7. Record operational and production data accurately on specified forms.
  8. Test samples of materials or products to ensure compliance with specifications, using test equipment.
  9. Transfer materials, supplies, and product between work areas, using moving equipment and hand tools.
  10. General understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices. (GMP’s)
  11. Understand location of fire stations and first aid kits.
  12. Understand wet clean and dry clean procedures.
  13. Read and understand product specification sheets and testing requirements.
  14. Forklift certified by video and written test.
  15. Understand item key format.
  16. Must be able to write legibly and perform simple math using a calculator.
  17. Communicate and work with other departments.
  18. Attend scheduled meetings.
  19. General understanding of SQF, Dietary Supplement, and MMR process.
  20. Must be able to fill out Maintenance Work Orders.
  21. Understand Lock-Out/Tag-Out requirements.
  22. Displayed comprehension of the agglomeration and encapsulation understanding.
  23. Display positive attitude.



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