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Ad number:#517189472
Contact:Helping Hands Property Solutioin
City:Alexandria, VA


Who we are?

We are an investment company that helps our community through matchmaking a motivated seller to a cash buyer aka wholesaling real estate. Nothing more nothing less, we hand over discounted properties to investors who can put new families into homes!


How the process works?

 When we come across a house an owner is ready to sell, we put the house under a contract. Once we have the property under contract, we will assign it to an investor on our buyers list.

What we are looking for? (important) 

            Houses that have….

  • Tall grass
  • Broken windows or boarded up
  • Nasty looking filthy home
  • Mailbox is full
  • Trash in the yard
  • Broken doors 
  • No cars in driveway 
  • Fire damaged 
  • The uglier the better
  • No curtains
  • Eviction notices, warning stickers, ect...
  • Pre- foreclosure, tired landlords, very elderly people, unwanted inherited properties

See example photos


What we are NOT looking for 

  • For sale by owner 
  • For sale signs unless the house meets upper criteria 
  • Realtor signs 
  • Commercial properties, only single family homes 


Where we are looking?

  • DMV Area and 75 Mile Radius



How you will be paid?

Once we have the house under contract, we will find a cash buyer, once the property has been sold you get paid!!


What you will be paid?

  Depending on the amount of work you put in depends on what you will be paid on closing day! We have 3 tiers of payment types and they are as follows….


  • SCOUT- $500-$750 = you send me the property address, 6-12 photos 


  • SNIPER- $1,000-$1,500 = you send me the property address, 6-12 photos, knock on neighbors door, find the property owners name and PHONE NUMBER


  • ELITE- 30% of the deal regardless of what we make from the deal you bring us!

E.g. deal = $10,000 you take, $3,000/ deal = $20,000 you take, $6,000 home.

Okay so here are the requirements for this tier. They are as follows

  • you send me the property address
  • 6-12 photos + a short walk around video
  • knock on neighbor’s door
  • find the property owners name and PHONE NUMBER

Speak with the owner or call the owner and set up an agreement for us to call the owner back within a day and time that suites both parties involved or for us to walk the property and get it under contract (you do not need to worry about contracts, just getting them to agree to sell the home and (DO NOT MENTION NUMBERS).


(Example Script)

This script goes as“ hey (owners name), would you consider an all cash offer for this property? I would love to get my partner out here to look at it and make you an all cash, quick close offer. It will be in the next couple of days and we would love to help you out."


That is as easy as it gets. We find deeply discounted properties and sell them to cash buyers. We would love to get you on our team and the more deals you bring the more you will get paid. You will be paid on the day of closing via direct deposit, check and or cash. We are a family and team-based operation and want to help out our community and friends. 


Any questions concerning pay, what we are looking for, or anything else, feel free to text or call Ced anytime at 571-200-2421

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