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Job Objectives 


To work online virtually, remotely and or freelancing in areas of: life coach, assistant or receptionist and transcription or data entry. Additionally customer service, evaluator, tester, tutor or call centers. 

    I understand as a online, remote, virtual, telecommute worker I know I will have to learn time zones better and work with a schedule. I will be working with things like grammar, commitments, multitasking, and professionalism. I will be providing feedback, transforming, educating and empowering. I also will be thinking on my feet, adapting to new situations and showing my creativity. Finally I will go the extra mile, be proactive, a problem solver, consistent and accessible.





As a stay at homemaker I deal with discipline, communication, routines, organization and flexibility. I also have to have focus and positivity while passing on things like knowledge. I have to be a accountant, work behind the “scenes “ and have good time management. My son is special needs and stays home with me 24/7 so I have to have patience, be realistic and reliable while also performing research. Finally I also am a life coach creating stability to as a homemaker. 

       As a stay at home daycare provider some of the things I have achieved experience in are prioritizing, networking, assessing, observing, marketing and paying constant attention. I have also worked on building skills, high expectations, confidentiality and goal setting. Additionally I have worked with moods, interactions, closing abilities and well being of others. Finally I also worked with them on challenges, fulfillment and achieving dreams. 

       With homeschooling my son I have been developing a collection of binders to help him and hopefully down the road others like him. I have to be specific, structured, look at new methods while creating boundaries and know how to deal with distractions. I plan, create lessons, deal with processing, style, support and proven concepts with passion. I also have to be resourceful, repetitive, sacrificing, persuasive while having tenacity. Finally I also have to be able to analyze, interpret, and predict while teaching everything from speech to math for a few examples. 

      In customer service/retail I have had to be clear from everything from intent, connections, being a salesperson, and people skills. I had to be approachable and work with things like quality control. I worked with things like leadership, management, speed and accuracy. Finally in customer service I have developed acting skills, ability to read people, tolerance and understanding. 


Skills Summary

60 wpm. One Note, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google. Fire Fox, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Office 365. Share point, ios, Safari, Chrome, Skype. FaceTime, Duo, Windows, Internet Explorer, McAfee, Adobe. Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter etc, Grammarly, Spreadsheets. Amazon, AOL, floppy disk, junk drive, defrag, media players. Norton, Scandisk, Mavis Beacon, cash register, laptop, desktop. Calculator, photography equipment, tablet, Apple Watch, typewriter, and headsets.




St Louis Job Corps 

GED, certificate in unarmed security.


Minot Job Corps

Certificate in Business Clerical 


Ashford University 

Bachelor in Cognitive Studies, Social And Criminal Justice

Minor Politics 




Stay at home mom, homeschool 15 years+

  • Teacher, clean, plan, organize, prioritize, cook, health care, shopper, accountant, schedule, budgets just to name a few.


At home daycare provider 6 years +

  • Play, plan, schedule, accountant just to name a few.


Customer service/retail 4 years +

  • Hostess, waitress, shift supervisor, cook, photography, security guard, front line and drive up cashier, crew.


Healthcare 10 years +

  • My special needs son, cna, in home health care provider.



English spoken and written.




Final Thoughts 

I am hardworking, motivated, dedicated and know how to give encouragement. I’m friendly, open, energetic, enthusiastic, honest and have integrity. I have empathy, insight, authenticity, a love of learning and listening. I have self discipline, persistence and curiosity. I love self improvement, asking questions and am loyal. I have attention to detail, Internet savvy and I train myself whatever I need or want to learn. I love helping others and am trustworthy as well on top of being compassionate and grateful.

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