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New! Handmade Corn Hole Game Sets, Including Toss Bags!


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Ad number:#687101082
Contact:Bob and Kristi


We are "Trinkets-n-Treasures," which is a handcrafted gift store located in downtown Greeley, Colorado.  We host anywhere from 30 to 40 different artist-vendors throughout the store, depending on the time of year.  My co-store owner and I also craft things ourselves.  In this case, we are promoting our brand new, handcrafted wood Corn Hole Game sets.  We sell 3 versions of the Regular Corn Hole game:

A)  Unfinished With Bags =  $75.00.

B)  Unfinished without Bags = $60.00.

C)  Dark Wood Stain Finished With Bags = $100.00.

NOTE:  If you want your game boards clear poly sealed to prevent damage due to weather conditions, we charge just $15.00 per game set (2 game boards per set) to do so.  Such orders need to be paid for in full, in advance of this work being done.

We also sell two additional versions of the classic "Corn Hole" game as well:

1)  Drink Hole = $100.00 Each, Dark Wood Stain Finished.

For this game, we added 3 more smaller holes in the game board tops.  One in the middle toward the right edge, onein the middle toward the left edge, and one just up from the bottom edge.  Each of the new holes represent drinking actions when a player sinks their bag in them. One says, "I Drink" another one says, "You Drink", and the third one says, "All Drink".  Those are the suggested actions that take place as a player landes in those specific holes on either game board.  You score the normal larger hole the same way you would in the classic Corn Hole game.  Feel free to also score points when you land in the drinking holes.  

NOTE:  We also suggest that whenever a player sinks a bag in the "All Drink" hole, that EVERYONE, including those watching the game has to take a drink.


2)  A Hole = $100.00 Each.  Darkwood Stain Finished.

We invented this challenging Corn Hole game version right here in Greeley during the Summer of 2019.  It's much more challenging than the regular game, due to the additional smaller hole added to each game board, just up from the front edge.  When players drop thru that extra hole, which we call the "A Hole," they lose three points off their score.  Any time a player has a bag or more that finishes a round within a bag's distance from the "A Hole," they lose 1 point off their score.  You score the normal larger hole up top the same way you do in the classic Corn Hole game.

NOTE:  Players determine BEFORE each game starts whether or not scores can go below zero, or if you cap the minus points at a score of "0;."  If you really want to frustrate people, allow for negative scores.

Players can no longer use the board's front edge to land and slide up to the postive scoring hole.  You need to elevate your skill level, and learn how to go OVER the "A Hole," and stick your bags higher up the board.

You can Google all of our store information, but using the following Key Words, "Trinkets-n-Treasures, in Greeley, Colorado."  What'll turn up is our
A)  Store Hours

B)  Store Address

C)  Store Phone number.

Please call during our open hours to reduce our chances of missing your call.  If you call during our hours, and nobody answers, go ahead and leave a message.  We're probably using power tools, and can't hear the phone.  We'll call you back as soon as we can.

Feel free to call or email us in advance, if you would like to confirm our current inventory of the Corn Hole game version you would like to purchase before you drive over.  

We are still offering FREE local delivery, with the advanced online purchase of any full game version we carry.  By "local," we mean ONLY the following cities:




If you do not live in either of those cities, please don't waste anyone's time with asking about delivery.  THIS description has already answered your question.

Thank you for reading thru this ad.



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