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I purchased this vehicle on ebay on Aug 31st 2012 from the original owner for $ 4,550.00, I flew to Augusta GA and drove it back to Charlotte with no issues.

I hired Tullock Automotive here in Charlotte for the body work and paint restoration.


Car was stripped down, floor panels were welded and finished with automotive bed liner seal anti rust/corrosion, fuel system replaced (including fuel lines/tank/etc) in a second stage the electrical system was replaced by Christian Automotive in Charlotte with a brand new PAINLESS wiring harness. Everything works now!!!


Body work included complete new paint, re-assembly with all new parts (every part has been replaced with a new one from MORRIS 4X4 & Rockauto, you can easily see from pictures the details on this (lights, tail lights, latches, fenders plastics, rock sliders, new carburetor, new steering column from BORGESON, new overhauled steering gear CARDONE A-1 from Rockauto, all new seats, new vintage style seat-belts matching the orange car paint, new bikini top (not shown on pics) custom made RENEGADE decals  and new set of tires.


Overall this project costed me over $ 16,000 (I kept all receipts and packing lists for all parts i purchased and services from mechanics etc...for this restoration project) I enjoyed the process and I did not jump into it with the goal to re-sell the car and make a profit, I did it the way I liked and more importantly I did it for myself.


I worked on the vehicle myself as well as hired professional services to check my work and take care of what I could not do myself. I am selling because kids are growing up, I use to drive them to the pool, to the lake, now I don't use it as much as I did in the past, we built a pool in the backyard and kids are too busy for hanging with the adults at this is time to free some space in my 3rd car garage too many projects and toys and time to move on.

I do have couple of videos that are worth 10,000 pictures


Walk-around and overall view also under the hood!


Drive test including showing all gauges working (speedometer, turn indicators, lights etc...)


I am not pretending to recoup my project cost because I went above and beyond with what I did that will not make sense for all, but I wish to get the fair market price for the vehicle in the present conditions.



Park break is not working, the park break pedal it is installed in the car but not connected, could be a fun project to do. Also the heating system was not working and taking a lot of space on the passenger side legroom area and i removed it completely.

Left windshield wiper doesn't turn smoothly need to replace the link to the motor. All the parts are new (motor, wipers and wipers arms) except the internal link rod a quick fix and weekend project.



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