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webroot keycode activation


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at page,install ultimate cyber security, light weighted easy to install at, to download webroot safe secureanywhere.



Where i will find my webroot keycode and how it looks like?


Webroot keycode is 20 alphanumeric characters which you will find on the back of the webroot box (retail card) , peel this card gently to get the keycode.Generally a webroot keycode starts with "SA".


Another way to install webroot - instead of going to direct install page , you can create a webroot secureanywhere account -


Creating a webroot account is very easy .

Go to the webroot official website ,choose "home" on the very top of the menu.

Now even see the very top right section of the menu is this new page of home section. You will find an option "my account". Click on that this time.

When you will click "my account" a new page will open there you will find a login option as well as a create account option.

Go to the create account option fill the email ,password , security code and security question on that form. Note it down somewhere because you are going to use both password for the login.

Now open your email inbox you will an activation link for your account from the webroot. Click on that and you will find a page where you can put your created details.

Enter the details and login to your webroot account.

Inside the account section you can add or remove your product. Add your keycode to the account and now you can download your product on any of your devices after logging in.



Advantages of Webroot secureanywhere antivirus Software


Home users and business users in modern days need a versatile internet security. webroot comes with different level of protection for Virtual Machines, Smartphone with an easy to install at for desktop, on google play store search webroot secureanywhere for android smartphones.

Webroot secureanywhere Protects your email Accounts, Passwords, Social Media Accounts.

webroot internet Protect banking Details Password and other Important files.

And Protect your computer from Malware, Trojan and infections etc.

Webroot also protects as a firewall against the intruders.

Web Protections with browser extension. Browser extension will give an enable option when you will open your browser after the webroot secureanywhere installation.

Webroot setup provides Internal Threats Protection.


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