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AVG Antivirus, international security software has been providing protection against malware, virus, and cyber risks etc. to multiple devices like computer, android and iOS with its numerous security features ever since it was developed. If you are among millions of AVG users, you must be fully aware of the array of features that AVG provides.


Below are the steps to download, install and activate AVG:


Select an AVG version reliant on your necessity and click Download.


Wait until the download is in progress (It might take several minutes depending on the network speed).


Select and open the folder where the downloaded file has been saved.


Select AVG Setup and run the folder, this will start the installation of the antivirus.


An instructions dialogue box will appear on your Window’s screen. Follow the instructions and follow the next step.


Next, AVG activation page will pop up. Fill AVG activation code and other mandatory details. Visit the link if you are not directed to the activation page.


If dialogue boxes appear, mark next/ accept/ yes after reading the terms and proceed to next.


Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.


Click on the notification option available at the bottom-right corner of your computer’s screen (Taskbar) and select AVG icon.


A new Window will appear; select activate/ reactivate according to the need.


If the mentioned option doesn’t appear, probably you have opened AVG Zen window. In such case, you need to click on the protection file to go back to the main AVG user margin.


If you are directed to the license page, fill the requirement and press ‘Activation’ button.


AVG activation process is done now. It is also possible that the process takes several minutes due to poor network conditions. After the activation is complete, you can now check its validity and other details of your AVG product by selecting ‘Support’ option available at the menu bar.


Which type of common Problems that you may face in Avg-retail registration


While conflicts in your registry.


Also decrease the Speed and work of the system.


Other some software and Application blocked by it.


seems like some information in your directories and drive may not open or damage.


Your system may come to specific mode, that it does not result in full block from your data and internet.

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