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Network Systems Specialist


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Ad number:#354382922
Contact:Debra Baker
Compensation:$17.70 - $19.12



   1.  Associate’s degree or two-year college certificate in Computer Science.
   2.  Three years of experience in network support.  
   3.  Advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills.
   4.  Operating knowledge of and experience with personal computers and peripherals.
   5.  Operating knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, FrontPage.
   6.  Operating knowledge of and experience with typical office equipment, such as telephones, copier, fax machine, E-mail, etc.

Required Documents:
- Application
- Letter of Interest
- Resume
- 2 Letters of recommendation

Job Summary:
The Network Systems Specialist monitors and responds to network hardware and software problems while utilizing a variety of hardware and software testing tools and techniques. This individual also installs and configures network hardware and software; provides network troubleshooting and support; prepares and ensures accuracy of documentation, procedures manuals, and help sheets for network installations, including data and voice; and provides technical support and training to end-users as required. The Network Systems Specialist maintains network security; sets up new users and deletes old users from the network; provides complex server maintenance; and maintains current knowledge of relevant hardware and software applications as assigned.

Job Goals:
   1.  Collaborates with Network Systems Manager to create optimal network topologies, and configurations.
   2.  Installs, configures, documents, tests, maintains, monitors and troubleshoots network hardware, software, and peripherals.
   3.  Monitors and tests network performance and provides network performance statistics and reports.
   4.  Provide support for the wired and wireless computer network to include the development and maintenance of logical network maps of each building
   5.  Install, configure, manage and maintain building MDF/IDF’s, network switches, wireless controllers and access points.
   6.  Diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair network switches, wireless network equipment and monitor network performance utilizing various software tools
   7.  Identify needs of the network environment as demands increase
   8.  Manage IP address (static and DHCP), Perform backups of network equipment, and Install software updates.
   9.  Provide documentation on network equipment and procedures
  10.  Provide support for the District Wide Area Network Respond to and diagnose and troubleshoot emergency network outages.
  11.  Manage and maintain a  multitude of servers to ensure network continuity using various software tools
  12.  Support and configure  and  Xerox copiers to be compatible on the District network through the installation of print drivers on servers.
  13.  Supports and maintains integrity of wireless LANS/WANS
  14.  Provide support for network attached devices and associated software, such as LED Signage, Rainbird Irrigation Controllers, Weatherbug Weather Station, Security Card Access System,  Security Camera DVR’s,Setpoint HVAC System, and Bogen Intercom Systems
  15.  Maintain Working knowledge on various software tools designed for network management, Xirrus Management System, ProCurve Manager, Hostmonitor, Solarwinds, VM ware, LanDesk, Air magnet, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and VNC.
  16.  Design, plan, and execute network upgrades and work within a designated budget and scope
  17.  Establishes and maintains positive business relationships with a variety of vendors that provide products product for our school district.  
  18.    Oversee and coordinate the work performed by outside contractors
  19.    Provide support for the following end user software: Mealtime, Edulog, Dolphin Fleet Management, Transportation Mechanics vehicle software (Caterpillar and Freightliner) and Security Camera software support  (Pelco and Bosch)
  20.    Provide excellent customer service that is kind courteous, timely, efficient, and solution oriented to all (staff, students, parents & guests) end users.
  21.    Responds to end-user incidents, requests and problems regarding connectivity problems
  22.    Aids in development of district continuity and disaster recovery plans, and maintains current knowledge of plan executables.  Responds to emergency network outages in accordance with district continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  23.    Performs on-site analysis, diagnoses, and resolves complex computer problems for a variety of end-users, and recommends and implements corrective hardware solutions, including off-site repair as needed.
  24.    Provides assistance to other members of the Technology Services team.
  25.    Perform other duties as assigned.

Technical Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:
   1.  Strong technical knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and standards
   2.  Solid understanding of client/server and web-based applications
   3.  Experience and proven skills with Microsoft Servers, DNS and TCP/IP
   4.  Trouble shooting and diagnostics in networking connections (wired and wireless), hardware, and software issues
   5.  Solid understanding of wireless environments
   6.  Excellent problem solving skills
   7.  Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
   8.  Excellent written and oral communication skills
   9.  Excellent interpersonal skills
  10.  Highly self-motivated and directed 
  11.  Proven analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities
  12.  Exceptional customer service orientation
  13.  Ability to manage multiple tasks with frequent interruptions
  14.  Ability to manage projects with or without assistance of vendors
  15.  Ability to lift up to 70 pounds

Network Systems Specialists are on Grade 9 on the Classified Salary Schedule.

Salary Schedule

Employment Period:
260 days per year - 8 Hour Work Day

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