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Industrial sectors like Automobiles, Manufacturing, Oilfields, and Processing facilities have huge involvement of metals and the most crucial problem they face is of corrosion. Heavy Industry metals are prone to the attacks of corrosive substances like acids, bases, oxidizing agents, caustic effects, etc., which react with the metal electrons, decreasing its metallic property and resulting in total structural damage. The financial loss caused due to corrosion per year is estimated in the range of thousands of crores and even causing threat to environmental balance.

Before further elaboration, let us understand what acidic corrosion actually is and how does it affect metallic attributes?

Corrosion is referred to as the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with the corrosive agents. A common phenomenon observed in the industrial areas, Corrosion complicates the overall working and operations depending upon the type of the metal and reagents used. The problem of corrosion increases when hydrogen ion concentration seems to be very high to react with the electrons of the metals, damaging operational equipment and structures. Acidic Corrosion refers to an electrochemical process that occurs due to the reaction of atmospheric moisture and environmental pollutants with the metal.  Acidic Corrosion causes wear and tear of material mainly by acidic components which can be prevented on application of right proportionated inhibitor.

Corrosion Inhibitors does not allow the accumulation of reducing agents to the surface of the metal and forms a thin protective film that covers the surface and molecules of the chemical gets adsorbed on the same, making the surface inert and prevent almost all kind of reactions with corrosive agents.

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor prevents attack of acidic components present in the environment, on the metal components without interfering with the actual process. The type and concentration of the Acid Corrosion Inhibitor to be used depends upon the characteristics of metal that is needed to be protected and the operating conditions under which the metal works. Iron, aluminum, copper, etc., all require specific acid inhibitor formulations of corrosion preventative coatings for desired result.

Chemtex Speciality Limited has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of acid corrosion inhibitors that meets the standard requirement for various applications in industrial sectors like oilfield, automobile, iron and steel, cement and ceramics, brewery and other process industries.

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