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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Poultry Disinfectant


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Poultry sector is one of the fastest growing industry in term of scale, production and revenue generation. In India alone, the poultry production increases to about 10% every year making it most sought after business startup. This sector involves the domestication of birds like hens, ducks, geese, etc. and their eggs are reared and processed for various commercial activity. Generally, the conditions in poultry sheds are not hygienic due to the use of various insecticides, medicines and vaccinations which increases the chances of illnesses like Salmonella and E. coli. Effective disinfection should always be carried out in every poultry sectors. The sole purpose of the disinfection program is to eliminate the number of pathogens, decreasing the chances of illness.

India finds place in top five countries among largest egg producer globally. The kind of leap it has taken from being a small scale household activity to a major business firm, shows the level of monetary benefits it provides.

Poultry Disinfectant, categorized chemicals that help in the control and eradication of pathogens that affect the health of poultry bird adversely. Prime habitats of soil or water, these microorganisms have the ability to degrade poultry products and their longevity, if not controlled effectively. Poultry Disinfectants are considered as broad spectrum chemicals that find most of its application as insecticides and pesticides whose primary function is to kill all the weeds and microscopic organisms, preventing any kind of health related damage to poultry sectors.

The formulation of a disinfectant is quite a task as it has to effectively perform its concerned activity without causing any harm to the application sector. The existence of contaminants depends upon several factors like soil, air, surrounding conditions etc. It has been studied by global experts that about a considerable amount of poultry birds were affected in the last decade due to pathogenically occurring disease resulting in rising poultry products crisis and cost. Proper concern and priority is needed to be given to this sector and one of the best way to prevent the occurrences of such damages is to use suitable non-toxic disinfectant which will eradicate these pathogens, contributing to the healthy growth of the birds.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide works as an eco-friendly disinfectant which provides high efficacy in killing harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses from almost all types of soil and surface without leaving any kind of toxic residues on application areas. Hydrogen peroxide being highly volatile, releases free - OH radicals on contact with microorganism and kills them. The silver quickly stabilizes the peroxide molecule and store its biocidal activity for further use without allowing it to degrade. The chemical alliance of silver and hydrogen peroxide manifests excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and effectively eradicates harmful weeds and microorganism from the soil and also prevents further reproduction of those parasites as the silver present in the compound alters the DNA structure of those microorganism, inhibiting any kind of further reproduction. The areas in the poultry sheds where disinfectants can be of great utilization are Terminal shed, Chick breeding area, Incubator tank, Egg storage tank, Hatchery table, Storage area, etc.   

Chemtex Speciality Limited Manufactures Silver Hydrogen Peroxide under the trade name Alstasan Silvox to use as a multi-purpose, highly effective sanitizer for use in various applications found in food processing, dairy, agro, fisheries, RO, poultry, potable water and other process industries. Silver Hydrogen Peroxide addresses the concerned areas of poultry sheds when used accordingly for the respective media. It can be used as air fumigator for air borne germs, water sanitizer for water based contaminants and surface disinfector for various hard foreign masses. The no-rinse; no-neutralization property makes its usage hassle-free. Eco-friendly water and oxygen residues make this biocide safe for animals safeguarding them against poultry diseases. The disinfection program must be carried out by depopulating the poultry bird to some other safe place.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cold Sterilant (Does not require heat for disinfection)
  • Effective over a large range of microorganisms at very low concentration
  • Non-foaming and suitable for CIP disinfection, spraying, fogging and fumigation
  • Eco-friendly and Bio-Degradable
  • Non-tainting and non-staining product
  • No rinse required and completely organic
  • Does not leave toxic residue

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