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HVAC Alliance Expert Queens


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Ad number:#1023475817
Contact:Agustina France
City:Flushing, NY


Heater & Air Conditioner Services in Queens
HVAC Alliance Expert is one of the leading HVAC service providers in New York. The success of our company relies on the expertise of our technicians and professionalism of our staff as a whole. Today, we have a huge number of faithful clients who rely on our services and are never disappointed. 

Quality Services.

When providing our services we make sure that they are done properly and will not need a second visit. Our technicians during their service pay attention to details and adapt their service to the needs of our clients. When called upon to get work done in our customer home, we take complete responsibility for the result of our services. 

Well-Trained Technicians.

Our technicians are trained, certified and have years of experience. They can solve any type of HVAC problems regardless of its gravity. Our experts are chosen for their professionalism and dedication. While doing their job, they pay attention to every detail and make sure that the result is faultless before leaving. 

We care for your safety and make sure that our services are provided without any inconvenience of any kind. That is why we have all our technicians go through some background and drug test to make sure they are clean. We only hire technicians who have high moral standards and have the sense of responsibility.

Fully Equipped.

To be able to provide our services promptly, we furnished ourselves with all the necessary HVAC  tools and equipment. These equipments are furnished by big HVAC system manufacturers along with original spare parts. To be able to reach you wherever you live, our technicians have well-equipped service vehicles at their disposal. All this is put in place to provide you our services faster and more efficiently.

Low Cost Service.

We understand that sometimes the end of months are tough and having to do HVAC installations or repairs can become the most dreadful task. Fortunately, you have a new HVAC partner who is ready to help you with your HVAC projects. We provide fair prices for all our services. Our technicians give an estimate of the cost of service to our customers immediately  after examining what has to be done. Only after the customer approved of the price can our technician start his work. With HVAC Alliance Expert, you get comprehensive and honest cost estimates.

We are in the HVAC business to provide high quality and affordable services to everyone. Do not hesitate to call our customer service if you need any HVAC service; installation, repair or maintenance. We always have a customer service representative ready to help you. Call us at (855) 999-4417 and you will receive the visit of an expert in the shortest possible time.
Service we do.
Air Conditioning Repair
Air Duct Cleaning
Commercial Service
Furnace Repair
Heating Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality
Thermostat Repair

Business hours: 24/7
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Card, Check
Phone number: (855) 999-4417

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