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Jr. Electrical Estimator


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Jr. Electrical Estimator

Are you an experienced electrician who would like to move up in the world of construction? If you answer yes, then Nova Electric, LLC is the place for you!


General Job Description:

The Jr. Electrical Estimator is responsible for reviewing, estimating and preparing electrical quotes and proposals and implementing measures to increase the Company’s effectiveness and efficiency.


Main Objectives of Jr. Estimator:

  • Learn the strategies and processes of the Estimating Department and follow them on every project.
  • Bid new work with a win ratio of 15-25%.
  • Assist others in the department with larger projects.
  • 100% of projects to be profitable.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Build and Strengthen Existing and New Relationships.
  • Proactively bring Owner and Project Manager Ideas to each estimate.
  • Work 40-50 hours per week.
  • Separate Nova Electric, LLC through the preconstruction process.


  • Business Process Analysis and Documentation: Research, analyze, and document the estimating process at Nova Electric, LLC finding ways to be more efficient and profitable. This involves conducting meetings with critical members of the Nova Electric, LLC Management team to discuss bidding strategy and targets.
  • Identify Solutions for Improvement in the Organization: Through process analysis, this individual shall determine areas of potential improvement in terms of efficiency and Company effectiveness, and then develop appropriate solutions.
  • Strategic Guidance: Develop strategic direction analysis for Nova Electric, LLC as an organization. Make recommendations as to courses of action in terms of strategy for all sectors of the company.
  • Tool Analysis: Research potential tools to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes. Tool analysis and development should be executed closely with both Software Development and the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Information Dissemination: Develop and Facilitate high-quality and high-frequency communications throughout the Company. Investigate and implement tools to achieve these goals.
  • Company “Handyman”: Act as an internal consultant to help multiple persons and departments within the organization develop programs and solutions to enhance efficient and/or effectiveness.
  • Training/Mentoring: Promote the professional growth of the team. Continually pursue opportunities for personal career/training development.
  • Recruiting: Continually seek and refer potential employees to the Nova Electric, LLC Human Resources Department and the management team.
  • Industry Awareness: Continually seek industry and market information to provide Nova Electric, LLC with the information necessary for successful business development.


Qualifications/Skills Expected of Position:

This position requires excellent quantitative and analytical skills, to be understanding of the electrical industry, and an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. Excellent written and oral communication skills are also necessary. Nova Electric, LLC looks for those intrinsically motivated, detail oriented and not the type to accept “second-best.” As well as possessing strong interpersonal skills in order to work in a diverse, dynamic, fast-paced environment, and to be self-motivated and flexible to accommodate changes in Nova Electric’s business strategies. To be willing to travel as needed, along with excellent computer skills including a mastery of Microsoft Office products and Bid programs, and an ability to learn new software quickly and knowledge of basic graphic software such as QuickBooks and implemented software program specialized to Nova Electric, LLC are all necessary to the work environment.


Reporting: The Jr. Electrical Estimator reports to the Owners of Nova Electric, LLC.


Supervisory Requirements:

The Jr. Electrical Estimator does not have direct supervisory responsibility at this time.


The Jr. Electrical Estimator’s success is measured by the following criteria:

  1. Ability to start and manage projects without guidance from management.
  2. Development of process and tools that streamline operations and cut costs.
  3. Propensity to bring answers to the table and implement solutions quickly.
  4. Position Evaluation Form.


Company Benefits: Aflac, paid holidays, and paid vacations.


Current Driver’s License Required: Yes

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