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How can an HR professional make money from home?


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Times have changed and how; millennials are shunning the traditional 9-5 jobs and are carving their own path in every field and industry imaginable. The opportunities that the world of the Internet provides today as only made this transition much simpler. One of the many benefits of being your own boss is the fact that you could be in absolutely any corner of the world and earn money doing the things that you thoroughly enjoy doing. If you have a background in HR and would like to work for yourself and quit the workforce, you have a plethora of options awaiting you. Here’s how you can make a living from home as an HR professional.


Become a virtual assistant

It goes without saying that a large part of an HR professional’s career involves administrative work like filing documents, keeping things organized and answering emails. Keeping an updated record of personnel and regularly updating databases so as to ensure all the information is current is also something that HR professionals have to work at. This makes it easy to transition into a work from home opportunity as there are plenty of Virtual Assistant roles that you could apply for. As an HR professional, your organization skills are strong and this is something that you can certainly apply for your new opportunities. As a virtual assistant, you are required to schedule important meetings, file new information and answer emails.


Become an HR consultant

One of the prime responsibilities of an HR professional is regularly meeting up with the workforce, on a one-on-one basis to discuss their work and ensure that everything is in order. If there is a certain issue that is niggling at them, an HR professional is someone they can open up to and expect being directed in the right way. You are also responsible for helping these individuals advance in their careers and guiding them in the right direction. Taking this experience, you can either launch your own online consultancy service guiding employees working in a vast array of industries on how they can move ahead in their careers, deal with certain grievances in their workplace and much more. The beauty of consultancy is that it can be adapted to the profession that you have the most experience with.


Answer Surveys

A simple, no-fuss method of earning money from home is answering surveys. Companies are constantly looking to better their offerings whether it is a product or a service. They do this by creating detailed surveys for their potential target audience. By answering these simple, straightforward questions, not only do you contribute towards creating a polished product or service, but you also earn money in the process. It is the kind of work-from-home jobs that do not require you to invest a lot of time or be skilled in any particular field. You can choose to answer as many or as few surveys as you wish and earn money on the go.


Work as a freelance HR professional

Companies are picking up on the work from home trend and many of them have employees who work as freelancers. It benefits both the employee and the company and is certainly something you should consider if you wish to quit your 9-5 job. There are a number of freelance online job websites that enlist freelance HR opportunities in a variety of industries. As a freelancer, your job role could vary immensely. You may be required to create contracts for employees, maintain databases or even offer consulting services. One of the benefits of being an HR freelancer is the fact that you could work for more than one company at a time, negotiate your working hours and live a life on your terms.


Create educational YouTube content for HR professionals

If you have several years of experience in the field of human resources, you can choose to offer your valuable advice, tips, and tricks on how to succeed as an HR professional through regular content delivered in the form of YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms where people upload new content every second all over the globe. Although you won’t earn an income right off the bat, once you grow a loyal following through consistent and high-quality video content, you can strike partnership deals with a number of popular brands, who would be more than willing to pay you a good fee in exchange of this content.


Write an e-book

If creating video is not your cup of tea and facing the camera leaves you feeling conscious, you must consider putting your thoughts into words and compile an e-book full of valuable information and actionable tips that budding HR professionals can implement in their daily working lives. The self-publishing industry is growing rapidly and with online services that enable you to host your product for a small fee, this could be an excellent way to earn an income. You could also create an online course and write blog post articles regularly.


Concluding Remarks


You may think that as an HR professional, you would never be able to quit the 9-5 race. However, with the Internet, new opportunities emerge almost every day and you can now take advantage of this and earn a good living on your own terms, from your own home, irrespective of your profession.


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