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Free Education Accessories Bank by Rajesh Arya


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Free Education Accessories Bank


This is a mission which help to needy people to provide books and other 


things which required in the study.


1-Free Education Accessories Bank is a mission whose purpose is to help 


people who want to read and can not read due to lack of things.

2-book is as old as age. Probably we do not use them in the same way. This 


can bring books to more use.

3-Less printed books will require less paper, cut less trees and less 


pollution. This will save the trees. And the whole world will get clean 





Any person in the free education subsidiary bank can donate any old or no 


help from any person in his own voluntary education, the person's name will 


also be updated on our website. If the need made by donor is done then any 


repairs will be done by the green and the goods will be provided free of 


cost without any condition.





Surely the meaning does not come from the poor either, nor is it necessary 


to give any proof to him. In the "Free Educational Accessories Bank", any 


person who needs accessory in the education and if we have the accessory, 


then he can go without the uncertainty, he has no guarantee of any kind, 


Have to show


Question 1: What can we donate?

Answer: Education related items such as books, pen, pencils, copies, files, 


notebooks, bench plains, pencil boxes, crayons, colored pencils, markers, 


pencils, sharpener, gum, scissors, plastic folders, tissues, lunchboxes Or 


bag, stapler and tape, permanent marker, blue or black ballpoint pen etc.


Question 2: Can we help in the form of money?

Answer: No, we do not take money in the form of help, you can only donate 


goods related to education and help the needy.


Question 3: How can we take things?

Answer: You can take things to our office.


Question 4: Do I have to pay service charges?

Answer: No, we are providing this service free of charge, for which you 


will have to submit photocopies of your Aadhar card through which you can 


get our service.


Question 5: Is there a time limit for taking the items?

Answer: no


Question 6: Does any type of guarantee are required to take any item?

Answer: No, these items are being provided free of cost for which you do 


not have any guarantor or guarantee of any kind.



Question 7: If I am from outside Delhi then how can I get the goods?

Answer: If you need education material then you can get it by visiting our 





Question 8: If I am from outside Delhi and I want to donate something then 


how can I do it?

Answer: If you want to help us in this mission then you can post whatever 


you want to donate to our address.


Question 9: How can I join this campaign?

Answer: If you can help us in this campaign in such a way

1- You can submit education material to Free Educational Accessories Bank.

2-You can motivate people for this task.

3-By sending the needy to the bank to collect the goods.

4- We can help us to get 1-2 working hours to come to the bank for the bank.

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