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Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business!


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Contact:Michael Fishbaugh
City:Hollywood, FL


Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business. Become a Successful Real Estate Investor!

OK, there is no free lunch anywhere. You can rely on the Gov't, your Boss and your Just Over Broke (J.O.B. aka Journey Of The Broke) or YOU can take control of your life, your finances and your future, now!

About me: Year number 10 in real estate investing, spent 23 years running car dealerships in Chicago and across the country. Have owned 3 businesses previously, sold 2 for a profit and now I invest in real estate full time and have become financially free.

There is a Tsunami of foreclosures coming back to America and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. This next housing crisis will make the one in 2006-2008 look mild. Prices will never be lower than they are right now. It’s time to get in the game!

I teach you how to invest safely- with always an exit strategy to get out of the investment without losing money. I teach you how to market, how to make the 'right' offer and how to make $10,000 minimum per sale or it’s not worth doing. You will learn how to lease to own. about owner finance, rehabs, how to sell your property, how to build a buyers list as well as a sellers list. You need buyers and sellers before you even start; I’ll teach you a simple step by step process, if you do daily, you will always have 100’s maybe 1000’s on your lists. How to buy a property to hold for cash flow. Positive cash flow from properties is an important key to building wealth and achieving financial freedom. How to buy tax liens, commercial properties, bulk portfolios and most importantly, how to get the money to do deals, how to budget for yourself and your business. Every person selling their property is an opportunity even if they want full market value! The best thing I can teach you; I will teach you how to put deals together and how to make money. I will make you a millionaire if you follow my step by step process.

You can work this part time and by Christmas 2018 (next year), you will play that Johnny Paycheck song.....”Take This Job &...... and become a business that buys assets that produces income for life. Interested?

Now the negative; this is a tough, tough business. I am 90% sure you will not make $100,000 in your first month, you will not get rich quick, this is a process and it’s an ongoing process. If you stop the process the new flow of $$$$ stops too. You will have to work and work hard. Part Time if you work 20 hours a week and follow instructions and TAKE ACTION you will start 2019 out as a full time investor. Most likely before then.

Here is what you need to qualify for this opportunity: Entrepreneurial spirit, an "I do not quit" and “Whatever It Takes” attitude, you must be teachable-if you know it all now then why are you not already financially secure? Hurry this special offer ends soon.  

Write me a paragraph or two about yourself, your work history and why you want to succeed in real estate investing. DO NOT send me a resume....

this is an opportunity NOT a job! There is no salary, no benefits, provided by me or my companies. You get paid based on your performance.

I am only looking for 3 people. Like my opening sentence says, there is NO FREE LUNCH, you will be required to make a small investment in your future, to help with the costs of software licensing, education and my time. People who are given anything for free, never appreciate or value it. In this business, if this training was free, you will fail.  Payment plans are available.



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