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Lessons From Home Stitching, Sewing, Wellness Yoga, Spirit-U-Well - BASICS!


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Learn the basics of Stitching or Sewing, with me as your guide.  Stitching and Sewing can be very useful, handy and therapeutic too.  It's a great hobby and very satisfying.  If you own a sewing machine, and would like to put it to good use, I'll teach you the basics, and then you can go on to making and creating some things that come in handy.  We will need an hour and a half to begin, and then sessions can be an hour or two hours, depending on your preference.  The first hour and a half session will be at a discounted fee of $25.  After that, pre arranged sessions cost $25. for an hour $35.00 for an hour & a half, and $40.00 for two hours - PREARRANGED.  Once you learn the basics, we can go on to creating and classes cost less with less teaching and more guidance, from me.

Stitching - It is very useful to know how to thread a needle, and mend, hem, or beautify.  Learn some basic stitches to begin, (buttons, hems and such) and then if you like, we can go on to more creative ideas - (chain stitch, cross stitch, etc.)  I will supply the material to begin, and once you learn the basics, we can decide what you wish to create and supplies will be needed.  All Kids, and ladies only, please.  

Sewing - Sewing requires coordination and skill that is better suited to adults, and children over 12yrs. of age.  You will need to own your own sewing machine, and know how to feed and operate it.  I will show you the different stitches, and teach you how to get creative with it, but machine, threads, and cloth will need to be purchased by you.  You can be sure that each session will be well worthwhile, and you'll be encouraged to bring out your creative side - (or discover your creative side!?)  Sewing classes are for females only, please.  

I enjoy arts & crafts, stitching & sewing, (Take a look at my website to see for yourself), and would love to encourage you to discover how wonderful it can be.  So Let Me Show You How Artistic You Can Be, once you learn how to Stitch &/or Sew.

Wellness Yoga / Online Wellness Coaching&Advise. I have been studying & practicing Wellness & Spiritual Science and am passionate about PEACE.  Too many unwell & spiritually enpty people who need to get well & feel whole - My methods are unconventional, but simple, practical and good. Online coaching takes place with paypal payments of $15-50 a session.  Straight forward, no nonsense Honest!!  Check out my Wellness work to see what I am about - My Spiritual - Wellness (SpiritUWell) is on the menu too.



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