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Do you need to break up with someone, but don’t know how? Do you want to quit your job, but you’re afraid of confrontation? Do you have a message you want to give to someone but don’t want to reach out yourself? 


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Contact:Xavier Bradley


Aero Mobile Solutions is a service I provide in which I will personally take your place in hard to deal with situations that involve over the phone and email interaction. This can range from breaking up with someone, quitting a job, telling your parents how they messed you up, telling your crush how you feel, giving someone an important message or plenty of other situations. 


The goal is to bridge the gap that some people with anxiety or other personal situations might have that prevent them from initiating confrontation productively to better their lives. 


In my experience, some people stay in bad spots in their life simply because they don’t have the words at the time to deal with something. Face to face interactions may be hard, and over the phone may be even harder.  Whether you’re trying to break up with someone, but don’t know how, you’re an employee wanting to say all the things you wish you could to your boss or even a family member trying to make amends with another family member, I personally reach out on your behalf, over the phone as well as email and will deliver your message, in a professional and caring way with words you’d want to be used.


The way the service works is 

- [ ] You would submit your request here:

- [ ] I would then reach out to you, same day over the phone and would talk with you about the situation , what time and day I should make the call and what is the best way to approach it that we both agree on. 

- [ ] After payment is made, I would call the intended party and deliver the message, and then call you to let you know the service is complete.


 It’s that simple!


My Name is Xavier, I have worked in customer service for the past 5 years, and have been a supervisor at my current job for the past 2 and a half years. Pretty much whenever someone says “I want to speak to a supervisor”, I’m the man they talk to. 


In my experience, I’ve dealt with people who are irate, irrational, overly emotional, threatening, grieving as well as people who I would legitimately believe are crazy. I’ve learned never to take things personal, to always remain professional , to understand that everyone is humans and has emotions and to make sure everyone is heard and understood. 


I’ve also dealt with difficult customers face to face and know first hand that people will disrespect you over the phone a lot more than they would in person. For these reasons, I feel my skills are perfect for any difficult solution you might need solved over the phone. 



The service is ($10) ten dollars per call regardless of time, and I do not call jails. To be perfectly clear, this service is for mediating between you and another party, not two “other” parties. You must be involved somehow. Requests are first come, first served and reserve the right to refuse any request. I will attempt to contact the recipient up to (2) two times to get in contact with the person. You will only be charged once for these two attempt calls, but may be charged more for any call attempts you request me to make after (2) attempt calls. If I am unable to, a full refund will be sent back. If the recipient answers but then hangs up on my, a half refund will be issued.

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