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Why not learn how to trade correctly so you can make money to add to your monthly budget or do whatever you want with your profits.   You can do this with my training, plus I will teach you my amazing high win trade setups.

These trade setups occur on every FOREX or FUTURES chart.  I will teach you how to find these trade setups and trade them correctly.  I will also teach you how to control any losses you may have so they never lose up your trading capital.

 Whether you trade an hour or two, you will enhance your life with the winnings from your trading.  You can trade as much or as little as you want, but with every trade you will stay with the trade until it is over.  My average trade last about 30 minutes.  The longest will last 1 hour.  I have many big winning trades that only last 5 or 10 minutes.

 My trade setups occur frequently on every chart and on every time frame. We trade the 5 minute time frame because we can capture our wins quickly.  We simply wait for a trade setup to occur and then we enter the trade.

  I also teach you the many signs and signals that tell you when to exit your trades. You will collect your winnings after every trade.  You losses will be few and small. 

          This is not the long-term trading that is usually taught on the 1 hour. 4 hours, and daily times.  Those will not work.  You must sleep, run errands, and enjoy your life.  Most do not want to be married to their trades.  We collect our winnings quicklyand go on with our lives. 
         These are trades that are perfect for busy people.  Yes, if you have more time, you can trade more setups and make more money.  You may trade for hours and hours if you wish.  With FOREX, you may trade anytime, mornings, evenings, or in middle of the night.  Forex is the only true 24 hour per day trading vehicle.

         I train everyone, beginners and very experienced traders.  I can help anyone to improve their trading and win more and lose less.  I tailor my training to each person’s level and learning skills.            No session is the same.  Every session is live with a live chart.  Each lesson is different and unique.

My training is the best value you will find anywhere.  You have many payment options.  You save money by buying the entire 10 hour course, or you can buy my my 3 hour payment plans.  At my very low discounted rates everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.  Anyone can learn how to become a great trader.  You can make easy quick money by trading my trade setups.

If you do not take action today, you will be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime.  I will in just ten hours give you a money-making system. 
        Whenever you want to make some money, you will be able to take my trade setups and know you will make money.  Forex is the largest pool of money on the earth that you can tap into and make quick money.  Forex will enable you to make money consistently, 24 hours a day. 

Isn’t it time you start your journey to learn how to trade and take advantage of the largest pool of money on the earth?  Of course, some will want to trade Futures, but the Futures market is a little more costly to trade and is not a truly 24 hour trading vehicle.  I have many Futures students who love to trade the S&P, Nasdaq, Dow, and other indexes.  My system will work equally well on either Forex or Futures.

I teach very safe and sane sound trading techniques.  There are many ways the market will try to beat you, but I will teach you how to trade safely and avoid all the ways the market can steal your money.  The market can beat you with unusual fast trade reversals, fines and fees, news releases, and other tricks.  I will show you these risks and how to prevent them from stealing your money. 

It has taken me years of training, and thousands of hours and dollars to learn what I will teach you for a pittance.  You will be aware of all the risks and know to protect yourself from them.  My training will help you to avoid the many errors and mistakes new traders make.  These errors will cost you more than my training will cost you.

 I teach you “The good, the bad, and the ugly” parts of trading.  Other trainers avoid even discussing these negative factors that can cost you your money.  Let me help you to avoid all of these dangers. You can trade safely and make all the money you want.


I tutor you “one on one” with internet screen sharing.  This is better than you attending any live seminar or even setting right next to me.  You will be in control on your computer with mouse control.  My training will help you to win whether you want to trade FOREX OR FUTURES  Some of what I teach will help you with your stock trading, but to trade stocks with my system requires many changes.  The stock market is a very different market.

Some students who have prior experience can begin making money after the second lesson.  They will still have a lot more to learn, but they will be on their way.

I begin teaching you one of the highest percentage trade setups in the very first trade.  This trade will consistently make 80 to 95% wins.  I highly recommend that traders control themselves and wait for them to have all the benefits of what I have to teach them before they start trying to trade live. It is impossible to quickly teach everything you need to know.

 The human brain is slow to absorb and learn new concepts.  It takes a lot of repeat and training before the human brain really has learned what you are being taught.  No one learns everything immediately.  It takes time and repetition to really learn these how to trade these setups.  I can teach you all the rules, but you will still not be perfect.  There is so much more to learn.

When I have taught you the first setup and you are winning, I will begin teaching you the next setup.  You really only need one setup to make money, but when you learn the other setups, you can find a trade quicker.  I highly recommend that all new traders be patient and wait to trade live after they have learn all I have to teach them.  I know everyone wants to make money instantly.  No one wants to wait, but wait you must if you truly want to be a winner.

I have more trade setups to teach you.  They are all amazing.  There are other trades that you can take, but if you wait for my trade setups you will know you will be a consistent winner.          I have so many trade secrets to teach you.  I want you to be on your way to financial security and happy winning trading.  It takes time to be great.  We all want to be great immediately, but that just will not happen.  Be patient, learn all the secrets, and you will be ready to win for the rest of your life. 

I do not try to capture you for life like so many trading programs do. They what you to pay monthly for the indicators, platform, and trades.  They do not want you to be independent.  I am trying to teach you the correct skills to become an independent trader. 

One nice feature about my training is that I do not just teach during banker’s hours.  I try my best to tutor you when you have the time to learn.  I will tutor you in the money, afternoons, evening, and even on the weekends. .

You will be learning how to read the charts and to recognize the winning trade setups.  I will teach you when the chart says it is very dangerous to trade.  I will show you when the chart says it is a good time to trade.  You will be becoming a chartist plus learning exactly how to trade. 

Most of the time, there are not good times to trade on a chart.  I will teach you this. I will teach you how to correctly read every indicator I use.  There are hundreds of different indicators, and there are hundreds of different setting you can use for each indicator.   You will learn when it is a good time to trade and when you should not even consider taking a trade.  My platform will help you become a great trader. 


Then you will receive written material to study and time to practice what I have taught you.  In your third lesson I answer all of your questions and we review many other trades.  You will be 90% of the way to learning how to trade this trade setup. As your lessons continue, you will learn even more about what to do to be a great trader. You will also be taught more of my amazing trade setups.  

You will be able to prove to yourself the high win rates my trades will give you.  I have paid big fees to many programs, trainers, educators, hucksters, and outright liars and I have been very disappointed with the results their training has given me.  I have spent thousands of dollars over my forty years of trading that have earned me nothing.  I hope to save you all that pain and expense and give you winning trade setups that will last for all time.

My goal is to help you to avoid all of the wasted expense and time.  I want to teach you how to quickly be a great trader.  You can quickly achieve profitability in your trading without the great cost I have had to pay.  The mazing trades I teach are real and occur often. The rules are so easy I believe I could teach them to a sixth grader.  The rules are so easy.  You will be hard pressed to find better safer trades anywhere.  Yes, there are many other good trades, but with my trade setups you will know you will end up a winner.
        I will help you to setup the best DEMO account it is will be free.  You will learn on this live DEMO until you are winning most of your trades.  Then, and only then, should you open a live trading account.  You will be able to practice and gain all the skills your need to be ready to trade with real money.  You will know when you are ready.  The DEMO is the same identical chart you have been learning to trade on. There is no difference.  You do not want to trade with real money until you prove to yourself that you can consistently be a winner. This unique setup will make you a winner and maximize the # of great trades setups you can take. 


You will have Free date, Free Charts, Free Indicators, Free Trade

setups, The Lowest Commissions, and The Best Honest Broker in the United States.

I have nothing else to sell.  I sell no books, no CD’s, no Brokers, and no additional services. I have nothing else to sell.

        Sorry, I do not trade for others.  I have turned down hundred- thousand-dollar accounts. I trade for myself mainly from 5am to 8am Pacific.  I have a lot of extra time and I will use that to teach you.  I find being retired can be very boring at times, so I share with a few students how to be a consistent winner by trading.

        As am extra incentive I will send you for free my complete written study material after each lesson. I used to sell these for $200 extra, but I will give them to you with this offer for FREE.  These power packed bundles contain valuable ideas, trading secrets, warnings, and suggestions that will help anyone reach their dreams and goals.  They will review and give additional ideas fore every trade I teach. They will put in writing the rules and guidelines for every trade setups. 

These bundles allow my students to intently focus on the live lesson and take very few notes.  These jewels of wisdom gleaned from my years of trading adds so much valuable content to each lesson.  They go far beyond what we can conver in the live sessions. 
        They leave nothing to chance, misinterpretation, ambiguity, or confusion.  Few trainers dare to give you this in their training.  This is a amazing benefit that I am giving you free.
          Let me boldly say this!  If you are an experienced trader, I will find many ways to improve your trading.  I guarantee this.


NO RISK GUARANTEE:  If you are unhappy with my training for any reason after the first hour, just tell me and I will refund all the rest of your money.  I will not refund your payment for the first hour.  I want all my students to succeed and to complete the full 10 hours which will almost guarantee them success.


Ask yourself this.  How much value and additional earning will just one great idea or one improvement in your trading make in next year? 
The benefit could well be far more than the entire investment in my course.  This will be a life changing event for you and your loved ones.  Understand, I am not a licensed broker or financial advisor.  I am not associated with any brokerage firm.  My service is educational only and requires no licenses.  I am a 40 year veteran who has retired.  I love teaching and I love the excitement of trading.

For more info, send your name and email & phone #.

Call or text 909-747-7811 or EMAIL ME


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