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To learn spanish in Cuba is to mix knowledge with fun, learning with relaxation. Is the perfect opportunity to make your holidays magical and unforgettable. Cuba is the Caribbean Island forbidden for many person and full of mysteries for others. One of the things that characterizes the Cuban people is the high cultural level that we possess. Cuba is a fully literate country with a high level of education and professionals; to learn spanish in Cuba is to live and enjoy a great adventure.

Through spanish language you can enjoy that Havana hidden for foreigners, but so special and common for Cubans. Our spanish language schoolin Cubaconsists of native teachers. They are highly experienced and trained in the usage of the most innovative and effective methods of the teaching of the Spanish as a foreign language.

For the spanish course in Cuba are used books and materials of all levels of Spanish teaching. Our teachers are trained to give you the opportunity of to learn spanish in Cubain a kind and professional manner. Our school is designed to welcome students who have any level in the language. (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

For you realize your dream of tolearn spanish in Cuba,Spanish School Havana offer you some proposals of courses spanish in Cuba, that will help you decide the most suitable for you. 

  • Basic Spanish Course for Tourism in Cuba, Latin America and Spain
  • Spanish Course for Business
  • Basic and Advanced Spanish Course for Diplomats
  • Havana Language Tour.
  • Intensive Spanish Course
  • Basic Spanish Course

Cuba is the paradise island that surprises everyone for its lush landscapes, the hospitality of its people, its history, security and cultural tradition, making it one of the best tourist destinations worldwide. For this reason, our spanishlanguage school in Cuba offer a study program in which you can do tourism and learn Spanish in Cuba at the same time. “Havana Language Tour” are spanish courses in Cuba specially designed for to please all the tastes and interests of our customers.

In this program it includes to learn spanish in Havana, to do city tour in Havana,excursions outside the city, accommodation, breakfast, transport and information about all you need know for to make the most of the benefits of the Cuban Island. The programs of spanish courses in Cuba and the teachers are flexible to your interests. Also, we can make for you an exclusive and personal plan in accordance with yours needs. Thus, you will feel very comfortable and you will be able to learn Spanish in Cuba in a relaxed and fun way.

Other offer of our spanish language school in Cuba

  • Accommodation in private houseswith cubans families where you will feel like a member of the family and whom you will be able to practice your spanish. The private housesare located in places downtown Havana (Centro Habana and Vedado), very close to the school for your convenience. The rooms are independent and comfortable with air conditioned, has private bathroom with cold and hot water.
  • Cuban popular dances classes, given by a professional teacher, who will take you through Cuban dance culture. Salsa music is a distinctive feature of Cubans. A rhythm every Cuban has within their veins, and for this reason students will feel part of our culture and idiosyncrasy. 
  • Taxis Services (24 hours).
  • Orientation about the city. (Bar, restaurants, Wi-Fi place, house money change, amusement and cultural centers)
  • Reservation in other provinces of Cuba. (Accommodation and Transportation)
  • Programs of activities for the enjoyment and recreation of our students.These activities permit to know the fascinating capital of Cuba and the cuban country, also, to enjoy of the traditional cocktail and food and to interact with cubans peoples and other student of the school.

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CellPhone:(53) 5 330 43 18

House phone: (53) 7 878 24 97

Address: Bruzón street, at 115, 1st. floor, between Luaces and Montoro. Plaza de La Revolución, La Habana, Cuba.


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