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Ad number:#306820562
Contact:Chloe Gordon
Price:$20 per hour


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My name is Chloe Gordon, of Garrison, N.Y. I am offering my tutoring services in a range of subjects and for multiple ages. My qualifications include peer tutoring at my college- UNC School of the Arts- for two years, bringing a collection of students off the cliff of failure to success ( while also becoming the first, paid peer tutor individually recruited/hired by the school after academic success). Also, I peer tutored over twenty hours a week at my high school- the Professional Performing Arts School (of which I graduated with the highest average of my class)- for two years, where I created a supplemental, fun, and engaging syllabus for twenty students who were chronically challenged by the NYS Regent exams. After working with me- I am proud to say- they all passed, and were permitted to graduate on time, with their peers. For this effort, I was honored by the school with the "Crystal Stair Award for Courage, Character, and Endurance," the highest honor of the school. I have also received overall achievement awards in French (two years at my first high school, James I O'Neill High School), Vocal Studies, Dance, and Science.

I know how struggling students work because... well... I was one. I attended the Garrison School as a transfer student in elementary school, and quickly realized that my class was far ahead of me, academically. Essentially, I had started jogging along the racetrack after my competitors had already completed their first lap. Along with that, I found myself struggling to fit in. These factors created a disdain for school, as well as the academics (in assocation). I was failing, and barely passing most subjects. Then, in the seventh grade, I decided that that academics could be used as an escape route; enabling me to ignore the other negative elements of my experience at school. My brain began to associate homework. studying, and the like as fun games, puzzles, stories through wity mneomic devises, creatively-devised study-guides, fun imagery and fan-fiction, and other memorable and amusing associative work. I soon went from not even making Honor Roll to gracing High Honor Roll. I loved to learn, and like a zealous prophet, I loved to hare that joy with others.

I have helped my tutees develop more self-confidence in their intelligence, lower testing anxiety, while further reviewing and elucidating principles, bring them from a complex form to one easier to digest utilizing kindness, patience, and creativity.

I also be delighted to teach adults who might want to dive into something new, or brush up on older material. I want to be of service in whatever way possible.

The subjects I can aid in include an, and all Elementary School work. Also, I can teach Middle School, High School, and College level lessons in the following subjects: l French, English (all levels: Composition/Writing and Comprehension/Reading), AP Lit and Composition, AP Lit and Comprehension, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II and Trigonometry Pre-Calculus and Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, Pre-Biology, and AP Biology, US History and AP US History, Global History, AP World History, Environental Science (and AP Environmental Science), Philosophy, Psychology, World War II History, and Ethics and Civic Values.

For more information, feel free to text me,



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