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Hello, I recently left the PhD program at UCR with my Masters in Condensed Matter Physics and an Honors BS in Physics.

I am looking for work as a tutor.

Here are some of my qualifying work experience:
I have about seven years of teaching and tutoring experience total.

As an undergraduate I acquired 2 years of experience teaching SI sessions for math, chemistry and physics. I was quickly promoted from SI leader to SI mentor. Here I would teach to groups of 10-15. I was one of the programs outreach presenters when the SI program would visit schools like RCC.

I was in the Honors program as an undergraduate, because of that I was able to TA for an Honors course title "How to be Successful in College" as a junior.

I also tutored one on one for a variety of programs offered at the academic resource center (ARC) at UCR for 2 years.

I was also hired by UCRs athletic department to tutor math physics chemistry and english.

When I started the PhD program at UCR, in addition to research I was responsible for leading introductory physics labs (the 40 series and 2 series). These sessions were of about 15-25 students which met twice weekly for 3 hours. I TA'd an upper division course phys 139 aswell: Electronics for scientists and engineers.

I am currently, and have been a tutor on for about 7 years now.


I have been tutoring a highschool student in geometry and chemistry for the past 3 months.
This students father can be a reference to anyone who's interested in hearing from him.

Services Offered!
Now that students are required to be home schooled, students will be looking towards their parents for help more and more. I hope to enable you to more easily help your child in long those forgotten and dreaded subjects, such as Geometry and trig.

I am happy to assist your child who may be at any grade level.
Math and science are my specialties but I can help with pretty much any subject.
One on one tutoring is an option. I'm happy to come by and tutor in person.
-grades 1-12 $30/hour
-Undergrad $50/hour
-Grad school Physics $80/hour
I live near ucr n will charge 20/hour for driving 1 way. So if u live an hour away, the travel cost is 20.

If my prices are too high, please let me know what price would work for you.

In light of this virus you may not want anyone in your home, so other options are:

1) you can have your child text me specific questions in math or chemistry he/she is struggling with and I can send back a detailed solution with explanation.
-I would keep track of the time I spent working and charge you accordingly. This option will probably be the cheapest.

2) You can give me a copy of the homework and I will write up a detailed homework solution set with explanations. This will allow you to answer any questions your child may have while they are doing their homework.

3) I can proof read essays and double check assignments to help your child get an A on all their homework!

I could do an essay for $150 (highschool) but this is not recommended as your child gets nothing out of it if I do it for him/her.
If the essay gets an A $150, I'll refund $50 if the essay gets B+, B, or B-, and if it gets anything worse then that I will give a complete refund. But I garentee an A.

So I can also do similar deal for any big project school has coming up.

4) i can help with topics in class that they are struggling with by writing up a lesson on said topic and sending it to you.

For example: kinematics is a section of physics. If you said that was what you wanted a lesson on I would prepare a detailed explanation of kinematics and how to solve those types of problems.

5) pay to have your child learn a class from me that they haven't learned yet but expect to learn soon. For example if your child hates math and currently is learning algebra 1, then you know geometry is next. Therefore you can pay me to teach your child geometry so when they see it in class it is for the second tim. This gives them a massive advantage over their classmates, perhaps they will end up helping other students, gaining popularity and possibly a honest appreciation for the subject. Everyone likes what comes easy to them, generally speaking.


I kept all my undergraduate work so you could pay me to teach them introductory chemistry and physics that they will be required to learn in college and would have learned year 1 if they went to UCR. (Ask for detailed list of subjects if you're interested, some subjects are: phychology 001 and 002. World history pre history, english 1b, 1c etc.. math: precalculous, calculus, multivariable calculus, and differential equations. )

Text or call me to schedule a tutoring appointment or to set up a tutoring tab so your kid can ask me questions.

First session will be half price! Call or text to discuss prices..


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