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Please read entire ad before responding. Otherwise, you will not get a response from me. Note that the pictures are the actual cars. Also, I do not take upfront deposits. After reading information, and you are interested, please respond with the following:

Your First and Last Name
The city you reside in
Let us know if you have a clean driving record (we will run your driving record, and if you have more than two tickets and an accident, you will not qualify)
If you ever had a car from another company, and if you owe them (don't lie as we will find out). We have relationships with other companies and individuals that do the same business. It's a small community. However, we understand things happen, but be honest.

Note*** we will not respond to messages without the information mentioned above.

If you are a motivated, dependable, honest person, looking for an opportunity to join my team and make money using our cars to RideShare with Uber or Lyft or any other Rideshare company, please see the below requirements. Attached are the actual vehicles which are all HYBRIDS!!

- Do not respond, if you have your car (we will provide a vehicle)
-Please do n if you are a scammer or rental hopper. We will pursue criminal charges for any fraudulent
- Do not reply if you are not seeking a long term partnership.
- Do not respond if you have a full-time job. Part-time is okay. However, you must be able to manage both.
- Do not apply, if you are unable to dedicate the time to drive. (This opportunity is for individuals who can commit a minimum of 5 days a week with as many hours as you want.)
- Do not respond If you have more than one ticket in the last three years. You must have a valid California Driver's License

- Twenty-five years of age or older.
- Uber or Lyft account already set-up preferably. Note** if you don't have a lyft or uber account, no worries, we will get you all set up. It may take up to 3 to 5 days
- Must be able to pass a background check through Uber or Lyft, if you don't have an account set-up
- No drug use of any kind while driving our cars (what you do on your time outside of the vehicle is Your business. However, our cars are our business).
- Must be Honest, Dependable, Motivated, and able to work five days a week minimum.
- Must RESPECT the issued vehicle at all times.
- Must pay for your gas and car washes.
- Must have a bank account or means of receiving electronic payments (You get paid weekly.)
- Must reach the weekly independent contractor agreement (you make money based on your
passenger pick-ups, or Uber eats food deliveries)
- Apply for the proper permits to perform pick up at the Airports (LAX, Burbank, etc.)
- Work smart by ridesharing in hot areas (i.e., airport, west LA, etc.)
- Proof of residence where the car will be parked.
- Provide a copy of California License so we may forward to our insurance agent to add you to our policy

About us:
Team of professionals (law and business) have come together as a small business and provide cars to rideshare drivers or individuals who don't own a car but would like to make money by driving for Uber or Lyft. We are also considered a "second chance operation" and we don't judge anyone; as long as you can pass an Uber or Lyft background check, honest and upfront; you are likely to be approved for a vehicle. We are providing newer cars registered/leased under our corporation; hence, we need responsible, mature adults as we keep our vehicles in top condition.

Getting Started:
If selected, we will provide a vehicle with no deposit or mileage restrictions, a full tank of gas to get you started. Let us know if you do not currently have a rideshare account set-up; we will get it done. Note*** all vehicles are up to date models (2015 - 2019), and fuel-efficient. While the car is in your possession, you are responsible for the car at all times (i.e., keeping it clean, paying your gas; keeping the car stored in a safe place; all tickets and informing me of any mechanical issues.) Note** you will be the only assigned driver to that particular vehicle.

In return, we are responsible for all maintenance; major and minor repairs as well as full coverage rideshare/commercial insurance and all other expenses related to the vehicle.

Again, we are looking for serious people who need the opportunity to make a little cash and will not take this for granted. Please do not contact us with dishonesty. If you owe funds to previous companies for a car that has been in your possession, we will need to know the details as to what happened. We understand things happen, but we will need clarity as to what happened before releasing one of our vehicles to you. I've heard and seen it all so be upfront and honest, and that will go a long way with us. Do not contact us if you are not serious and just looking to waste time.

Text Deshawn 323-806-1977 for complete details (do not call during the day) as he's working, so it's best to text him, and he will reply right away with complete information.

Further, this is not a scam; I know that there are a bunch frauds, but this isn't one of them. If you are worried about someone scamming you, please do not respond to this ad. We try to be as transparent as possible in this ad by providing a little information about us and what we do as a profession, so we expect the same in return. Please note that I'm going to need information (i.e., copy of current Valid Drivers License, proof of physical address of where the car will be parked), etc., for insurance purposes. We will need your log-in to your Uber or Lyft account to upload car documents. A one-page independent agreement will need to be signed via electronic DocuSign so that we will need your email address as well.

Disclaimer: We are not a RENTAL COMPANY. We are a company that provides cars to the rideshare driver (new or current). We offer vehicles to rideshare to make money as their primary or part-time source of income. If you're looking to rent a car for PLEASURE purposes we highly suggest that you contact Hertz or Enterprise or any of the rental companies. Rideshare drivers will keep the car parked at their home and can use for personal use as long as you are meeting your weekly obligation. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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