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Whiteboard paint solutions for transforming homes and offices 

White board paint stylish way to create creative spaces

Whiteboards are ordinarily connected with an instructional setting or perhaps despite dull sales conventions. You seldom connect them with anything else. It is wonderful how very few entrepreneurs have a whiteboard being used in their home office. Why would a company person working from home need a whiteboard? That is easy to answer using a single word - company. Whiteboard paint provides you the single most effective way you'll have to remain organized in a busy world.



When installing traditional whiteboards, a professional is usually required to mount the board at a straight angle and to ensure it is firmly attached to the wall. When it comes to applying our whiteboard paint, anyone can do it! We have in-depth application guides and videos available on our site for the majority of our products, meaning you can easily create and install a whiteboard surface yourself.



Traditional whiteboards are non-biodegradable meaning they will not break down over time. When no longer in use, whiteboards are sent to landfills and cannot be recycled. Overall they have an extremely taxing effect on our environment. In contrast and unlike standard paints, our dry-erase Smart Wall Paint is low in VOC meaning it is solvent free and not harmful to the environment. Once you no longer wish to use your whiteboard paint it can be simply painted over.


3 Popular Whiteboard Paint Options

1. Rustoleum Dry Erase
Rust oleum’s dry erase paint will run about per 50 square feet, depending on the retailer you buy from. After you finish with painting your surface, you need to wait 72 hours (3 days) before using the area.

2. IdeaPaint
Idea Paint costs per 50 square feet and comes in white, black, and clear. White will look like the classic dry erase board, black will resemble a chalkboard but use dry erase markers, and clear will keep whatever wall color is already present. After applying, the area will be ready to use in 4 days.

3. Whiteyboard
Whiteboard runs per 50 square feet and also comes in white, black, and clear. Wait 72 hours (3 days) before using with dry erase markers.

Perfect for

  • Office/Meeting Rooms
  • Classrooms (Schools & Universities)
  • Restaurants (Menu Boards)
  • Home (Kitchens & offices)
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Shops



Buy whiteboard paint that is much more flexible than conventional dry erase boards, since you can turn any existing surface in a whiteboard in just a few steps. There are many brands of whiteboard paints on the market, and making the decision on to use Create Paint is a simple because of its cost effectiveness and versatility.


Coming in both clear and white formulations, you can choose to let your existing wall colors shine through, or you can enjoy the glossy, clean finish on a fresh, snow colored wall. You can also trust that your bringing a safe product into your home, since Create Paint does not contain VOC’s and is non-toxic.


Virtually any surface you can imagine can be turned into a dry erase board. Your kids will finally be able to unleash their creativity on walls, floors, desks, cabinets, and much more. Your imagination is the only limit. Buy dry erase paint with more affordable price offers.


The opportunities are endless with Create Paint. You can engaged your children in a completely new way and let their dreams run wild without having to buy endless supplies of paper that eventually get thrown in the trash. Teachers can benefit from turning an old fashion chalkboard into a dry erase board. Cleaning your whiteboard is a breeze compared dealing with chalk dust.







The smart whiteboard walls are a necessity for the places as businesses premises, educational institutes or for the other purposes as seminars, etc. different type of whiteboards are used in the world. They may be the ones, which are to be permanently fixed at the same place as a wall, or they can be the more popular ones, which are smaller lightweight and portable. The whiteboard paint kit is the product with which we can place the portable whiteboards at any place.

You can now turn any sized wall in to a whiteboard display with whiteboard paint kit. They simply join together seamlessly to allow a custom sized whiteboard display. The whiteboard wallallows you to create a continuous whiteboard wall exactly how you want it. The durable ABS edged whiteboards mount flush to the wall and each other, with simple through the board fixing. With dry erase paint kit you can create a sleek, modern look.


We have 6 standard sizes to choose from


  • Fill any wall space by joining the whiteboards together
  • Create a continuous whiteboard wall
  • White cover caps mask the fixings
  • 6 standard sizes to choose from
  • Smart frameless design

Interactive white board wall can be generally divided into two forms; that using rear projection and those using front projection. A rear-projected interactive whiteboard means that the projector is located behind the board surface. This ensures that no shadows are displayed. Another benefit of this dry erase board wall is that the presenter does not have to look into the projector light when talking to the audience. Although these boards are advantageous, they have shortcomings too. For instance, they are costly compared to the front projection ones.

Over the last few years, interactive white board wall has become more common in the teaching fields. Use of the whiteboards appears to be on an exponential increase but do they make any difference in the classroom? Interactive whiteboards are large displays that are connected to a computer, and a user controls what the board displays using the computer. They can be wall mounted whiteboards, or a floor stand can also support them. The whiteboards have several accessories that a presenter and audience can use to interact with what it is showing.








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