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Best Camping Place in Himachal Pradesh


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Ad number:#658746724
Price:INR 9000/-
Square ft:12


Best Camping site in the heart of Himalayas


Located at a distance of just 4 km from the world famous paragliding landing site at Chowgan (Bir), Camp Cedar, tucked in the dense oak forest of Gharnala, is a premiere in Bir. It is one of the few luxury camping sites that enables you to bask in nature without conceding the comfort of modern amenities.

This unique camping place is a microcosm of the pleasures of the Sub Himalayan nature: shady woodland, outdoor relaxation decks for fleeting moments under the sun, and all other kinds of activities for the more adventurous types. It is also a place of rediscovery where you can soothe your spirit, meditate, and connect with the outdoors.

For the little ones, Camp Cedar camping is a safe environment to learn and play, to discover the gifts of Mother Nature, to create, and to explore.

Conceived to offer an immaculate blend of comfort, style, and connection to nature, all Camp Cedar camping tents are an experience unto themselves.


Services Provided by Camp Cedar:

  1. Adventurous Sports: Bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking, sky cycling, giant swing and Burma bridge.
  2. Various types of camps to cater different moods: Camp Cedar offers
  3. a)JUNGLE SAFARI TENTS- Large tents with ample sit out space and onsite washrooms provided with rain and shade nets in addition to the regular tent roof for enhanced insulation and soundproofing completely built on elevated platforms for a comfortable & memorable stay.
  4. Swiss Cottages- Tents with ample sit out space and onsite washrooms completely built on an elevated platform for a comfortable & memorable stay. The bedecked accommodation not only provides a distinct living experience but also completely blocks the entry of tiny insects/ creepers which sometimes might be quite a many in the jungle environment, thereby providing a very healthy, safe and hygienic camping environment.

c)Author’s rooms- Cozy below the deck rooms with onsite washrooms and huge glass windows in front to enable our guests soak in the beauty of nature and discover/ re -discover their literary/ artistic side without compromising the comforts of their room.


d)Dome Tents- Comfortable nylon tents designed for single/ twin occupancy with all basic amenities required for a comfortable camping experience including mattress, quilts, mobile charging ports, portable hanging lights, camping furniture etc.


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