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Are you a huge Disney fan? Throughout your lifetime you might have collected Disney art, memorabilia, jewelry and other items. Over decades you might have even amassed an impressive Disney collection; exceptional pieces of porcelain, pewter, and brass, limited edition watches and alarm clocks; signed limited edition prints, drawings, paintings and cells; and rare coins, pins, stamps, and key chains.

Or, Perhaps, you’ve got a few precious Disney items you have held onto throughout the years and are not familiar with the increasingly popular term Disneyana.

Did you know you can donate Disneyana to charity? You can spread the magic of Disney to the community, while also receiving a tax benefit when you donate Disney collectibles to Collections with Causes.

So, what is Disneyana exactly?

Some examples of Disneyana can range from any product featuring virtually every Disney character — such as Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and others — to vintage stock certificates and company checks bearing the signature of Walt Disney himself. Disneyanain shortis a term given for a wide variety of books, animation cels, collectible toys, theme-park souvenirs, and other items produced and/or licensed by The Walt Disney Company.

A brief history

The Art Corner, a retail store that operated in Disneyland from 1955 until 1966, sold souvenirs and what has become known as Disneyana items. The Walt Disney Company has since opened “Disneyana Shops” on Main Street, U.S.A. at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Disneyana enthusiasts ballooned throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Today, collectors can find Disneyana items for sale through a variety of online auction sites, at regional and international comic shows and other such collector events. An “Official Disneyana Convention” was even created, Disney D23 Expo is an example of an event produced by the Disney Company that prominently feature collectible items. Disney produces many other specialty themed events at their parks and resorts that cater to Disneyana collectors.

Why donate Disneyana?

Your Disneyana / Disney Collectible donations can help out the community in a wide variety of ways, and they are just so much fun! When it comes to charitable donations, items such as Disney sculptures, action figurines, paintings, comic books, jewelry, key master production backgrounds and original Disney cel art are some of the best donations. Disneyana collectible donations can help support numerous worldwide causes.

Collectibles with Causes is a part of a IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. That means when you generously donate Disney collectibles to Collectibles with Causes you, the donor, receive a fair market tax deduction which you can use at the end of the tax year. The IRS publication Determining the Value of Donated Property provides extensive details regarding the guidelines for itemizing donated goods.

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