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Procurement of a meal & milk Vendor for NSLP


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Contact:Annette Khan


This is a Public open letter. We are in the process of procuring a vendor or caterer for our school lunch
program.  No gelatin, pork, or alcohol flavoring/additives in the meals served by vendor. Interested parties, Please submit applications to the email/address provided below.
Annette Khan- Front Office Administrator/ Nutrition Coordinator Notice Request for Proposals
The IEIT-Darul Arqam North Campus will be accepting competitive sealed proposals at 11815 Adel Road,
Houston, Texas 77067 until 4:00 PM on 07/30/2023 Ph# 281-583-1984. Proposals will not be accepted after the date and time
specified and shall be returned to the company unopened. Provisions are outlined below and may be
discussed by calling Annette Khan at show contact info . 1. Vending of Meals: a. Proposal will be for the
School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program (hereinafter called SBP and NSLP) at the
Private non-profit School (hereinafter called the School Food Authority, SFA). b. Proposal will be good for the term
of one school year. c. Invoices must be provided (monthly, weekly, daily). d. Billing statement should be
provided to school administration 10 days following the close of the month and should be mailed to 11815
Adel road, Houston, TX 77067. e. A contact person must be accessible within 30 minutes from drop time if
any problems arise, i.e. meals not meeting requirements, food not prepared to specifications; so that the
problem may be corrected before serving time. f. Payment will be granted to vendor by the 20th day of the
month following service. Procurement of a lunch vendor . Preparation and Production of
Meals: a. Vendor will be responsible for following United States Department of Agriculture policy and
patterns for the SBP and NSLP, including meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. b. Menus will be
developed by vendor at the direction and with approval of the SFA. c. Menus must meet guidelines for
nutrient standards according to USDA policy. d. Menus must meet requirements for reimbursable meals
under the NSLP and SBP. e. The vendor will not be paid for meals not meeting requirements due to the
fact that the SFA may not claim reimbursement for those meals. f. Vendor will provide production records
for meals served and send a copy to the school at least one week in advance so that the SFA can ascertain
compliance and to confirm amounts of food received. g. Portion sizes must be correct according to the
USDA Food Based meal pattern, amounts of food sent, and must be correctly recorded on the production
records. h. The vendor must contact the SFA prior to any menu changes, so that they may be approved by
the SFA and changes can be made on the production records. i. Vendor must provide documentation on
all processed products with either a Child Nutrition label or product analysis signed by an official of the
packer. j. Meals must be prepared according to city and state sanitation codes and servers, if provided,
must be certified food handlers. k. Vendor must provide a HACCP Food Safety Plan in compliance with
USDA regulations l. Proposal will not be considered if kitchen of vendor does not maintain sanitary
conditions as approved by SFA. m.SFA must be allowed to inspect kitchen of vendor at any time. 3.
Delivery and Service of Meals a. Meals must be delivered according to city and state sanitation codes. b.
Delivery time and place will be agreed upon with the SFA and adhered to by vendor unless authorized to
deviate by the SFA. c. All delivery tickets must be signed by an employee designated by the SFA. d. If
vendor serves meals, server must meet all sanitation requirements. e. If vendor delivers and serves,
vendor will also be responsible for cleaning serving area. f. All delivery and serving equipment shall be
sanitized and free from food residue from prior use. g. Handling of leftovers will be determined by the
SFA. 4. USDA Commodities a. Vendor will assist in ordering commodities. b. Vendor will store
commodities and will keep inventory current at all times. c. Food production records will document use of
commodities. d. SFA will pay any cost to the warehouse for storage and/or delivery. PROPOSAL Price
Per Breakfast Vending Only Vending and Serving Delivered with Lunch Delivered daily in AM Additional
Charges not to exceed $2.00 per meal/per student Monday through Friday By 6am Procurement of a lunch
vendor, Price Per Lunch Vending Only Vending and Serving Additional Charges $ 3.75 per meal/per
student. Milk not to exceed 55 cents per carton . Additional comments or proposed terms: Would prefer Halal/Zabiha options. Vegetarian and shelf stable foods/menu is also acceptable.

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