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Damsel in Distress seeking aid in kind midtown Sacramento


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Ad number:#591446875
Contact:Tina Rodriguez
City:Midtown Sacramento


This Is Really Serious!!For God's sake,,,I ask ALL of u to please take 2 minutes to read this I'm a damsel in distress. I used to be homeless sleeping on the streets in midtown Sacramento.Alhambra Blvd .corridor I've been through hell and back out there..Up until about two weeks ago but I was experiencing a major kidney infection and a major head cold...I was invited to stay at an aquintance house. I am just barely getting well physically and I am of limited resources...I'm at wits end..I'm desperate for any charity,aid-N-kind,or an opportunity to work for you to earn basic essentials and things needed for survival.. I have to pull my own weight.. I have o take care of my responsibilitiwhere I'm staying at I'm afraid I'm going to get kicked back out to the cold streets and not be productive because when you're in the streets you're stuck..stuck spinning your own wheels..counterproductive.. I'm in dire straits here I'm in desperate need of money I know nothing in life is free.I'm humble,contrite,and positive goals..I am begging anyone who reads this I'm a child of God.I'm not perfect.I do have morals..I do have principles.I'm a diversified person,eclectic'.Im not above reproach I was raised in the foster care system and I have no supports no family no friends nothing and I really am desperate here.I am in need of money, funds to contribute to where I stay at,'toiletries,clothing,food..And self-improvement books.. I'm willing to work hard and earnestly and diligently to to earn your blessings.. I also have a first generation Apple iPhone that's like new that I'm willing to sell and I also have a box of Adell eyelashes..40 count.for sale ..I'm not trashy easy loose tramp I have escorted before to make money but I'm a child of God and God doesn't want me doing that.Plus my personal safety is important to me I'm not interested in any crazy people any game players any immature little jokers or bull. this is my life on the line here I'm trying to make something of myself I just really am needing help and some support.I'd love to hear from serious people who are understanding,compassionate,have a heart. I have no way to get back to the house,, no bus fare ,no way back tomy temporary shelter which is truly a Blessing indeed.Im really hungry too. I don't want to be stuck out here in the streets.I am asking, I'm begging for any kind of help please my phone number is(415)424-6519...I would be interested in selling my Apple phone for anywhere from between 15 and $25 and the eyelashes maybe at least between 2 and $5 per pack.Have Mercy.Please

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