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I am looking for my christian husband


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Ad number:#357458459
Contact:anita mandell
City:Portland Or


i hope to fine a trustworthy honest man, with out  lieing ,to me ever. pencostal christian . clean shaven man   with no tactoos .... must have a clean back record  .never been in trouble with the law,  68 to 70 years old must be healthy. loving caring  gentalman always.   who would go places  that,i like to go .  like stage shows where they sing.  i like fine dining out , travel nice hotels,  big boat rides     who will go to church with me,  and read the bible with me ,,and pray with me life is to short. it will keep us together  as man and wife .      he must not, look at  other woman, or flert     if he is really truly in love me.     i do not want ,any one to put, on there love for  me.  no games.... no yeller no puting me down, in front of people   no talking behine.  my back.   no boys out....  no talking about other woman.     if there is a good man out, there  i  would like to meet him.   who has a nice beauitful home, close to town. in a safe area. in OR  he must have his bills  payed,  not have,  to worry each month. about money,   who wants to share his home  with me . a  true gentalman  who is looking for a wife,,    must be a clean no jeans.. who has.2 bathrooms 2 or 3 bedrooms garage,     must have  a very clean house  . no pets.  one leavel with air con, all though the home .  where he has his shop at home. i will not be left alone again .  i will not live,  in no woods,,,, where there is no homes around me... i am not a farm gal.... we stick together.. he must be retried from a good job, , have to worry about nothing.  just have fun and love each, other make each other happy.  to death do us apart .if we have a promble we talk it out ...in a low voice.. and work it out ...like 2 adults. ...   ,     he must like to cook, in a very healthy way . no  red meats . no fats .not much sugar.  i like to stay healthy.    this is way i want some one to go to the healthy club with me 3 times a week i like the beachs to walk on  i like to be spoild and most of all treated with recept no yeller ever no temper ever no bad words ever   my man must be healthy and lovling and caring it works both ways not one sided, hope to hear from some  one i know its a lot to ask  i want to be happy this time and treat like a queen not like durt.

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