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Ad number:#277135310
Contact:Tran mary
Phone:405) 337-0198
City:Parkville, MD


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I'm comfortable with myself, and I'm not a finished product - I'm moving towards my professional goals, and I'm grateful for a great job and an awesome opportunity. I love skiing, tubing on the river, travel, theater and movies, reading, and making dinner with friends. I love going to unusual events which make for great stories later. Lately, I find that I strive to maintain a sense of balance in my life, and for someone who's used to going non-stop .I am a shy but sincere lady next door. I am successful in my job and secure but not rich. I am willing to relocate anywhere to start a new life with a great man. I am very polite, courteous, respectful, have morals, I am always considerate of others, and absolutely monogamous...I guess I'm just a true and sincere person. I am looking for a active man who is interested in long term relationship and is willing to be honest and open about himself and to be the best of friends as well as partners. he should be career oriented and willing to contribute towards helping secure a better life for the two of us. I know my true love is out there somewhere and I hope we find each other. Hopefully he is been in a long term relationship too as this dating is not all it's cracked up to be; at least for me anyway. Maybe you are the love I am seeking and I am hopefully yours! We will never know unless we meet and try. It can start with a "Hello" via email Or Text Message. I hope to meet some intersting people on here. I like to have fun, go to movies, go workout, and I have just started and love it ... yoga. Someday I will be able to bend a spoon, but for now I just get a headache when I try. I always try to find the funny center of any occasion and try to lighten the mood. I like others to feel comfortable around me and make them laugh. They say I have funny facial expressions, but I just don't see it. You have to have a good sense of humor as well, so we can feed off each others energy. I would love to find someone that likes to travel as much as I want to. Going different places and exploring new things with someone special would mean a lot to me. Don't be afraid to contact me. I will always answer any question that is asked. Happy to have met you if I didn't tell you already. Throughout my life, I've worked hard and played hard. It's given me both success and a lot of fun. I'm looking for a goal-oriented person with a similar philosophy in life. I am sometimes very silly and often very funny, and I enjoy being around

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