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I'd love to be able to have a little "Girl on Girl"


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Hello. Im a 25 year old  4'11 in tall Firecracker!!! I'm seeking an open-minded , down to earth , All or Nothing type of "Ride Or Die". Someone to whom I can share my interests , knowledge, and time and attention.  Someone that I'm able to let go and be myself around, without judgement , no matter what the situation may be. I need someone that I can confide in about any and everything. Without having to worry about " walking on eggshells " or whether or not i can trust them  with my deepest darkest secrets. I'm tired of wasting my life and love on fake ass people. I just wanna find one pebeautifulT"TRYS to Understand And Accept Me for all that I am". Like , I said I'm 25 and I'm what you'd call " Bi Curious" I believe that what their calling it these days. After my divorce , back in 2015 , I've dated a few different men. I was rushing into ever last one of them relationships ,looking for everlasting friendship and maybe even love. I've been in my current relationship now ,for 2 years. We're far from ,What you'd call a happy couple. Its not always been that way tho. Now it just seems like we have , more bad days than good, lost interest in one another - In every way possible and it feels like ,this, is how its always gonna be. We can't talk about most things , because we haven't, yet mastered the art of -Agreeing to disagree, So ALOT gets left unsaid , but what doesn't get left unsaid is , our opinionated outbursts in the heat of an argument. Name calling, Tit for Tat, petty ass bullshit. After constantly hearing how unwanted I am  n all that im doing wrong and how unattractive I've became or even, that he's fallen out of love with me. It plays over and over in my head , and I've started believing all the nasty things. I wanna be around someone who enjoys my company just as much as I do theirs. Someone that is able to have big enough balls to be open n honest . i hate being in the company of people i feel like i cant trust. All I want is some time and attention, meaningful conversation, someone who pushes me to move forward not someone who enjoys bringing me down.I wanna be "Enough" and to feel , wanted, desired and I wanna feel a connection with someone other than myself. I just want someone to care! I have so much love n friendship to give, but noons wants it . I wanna feel what happiness feels like , even if just for a moment. I've forgotten what it feels like. I wanna be told I'm beautiful and intelligent.. I just need someone who wants tfo want me or adores me Instead being seen in such a negative light. So for awhile , I'm done trynna please a man. I'll try another course of action!! Wanna help me, make my life better? Wanna help me remember what it feels like to be..."wanted". Ladies? I need some "Girl Time.,. Care to teach me the ropes??

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