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Hi! I'm not seeking a romantic relationship. I am wanting a Platonic one with a lady. I'm 43 yeas old, white, BBW that has a bunch of friends of various ages (mostly older) but I don't have one around my age that I can have as a BEST FRIEND FOREVER (BFF). I want someone I can call, text, hang with, do girl stuff with that lives within 25 miles from Monroe GA 30655 (Walton County). I'm known as a Sweetheart,  I am very outgoing, honest, funny, blunt and I am a great listener. I like to cook, crochet, cross stitch, write books/poetry, read, collect carousel horses, collect Eeyore items, write Pen Pals, go window shopping (with or without money) go to movies, listen to all kinds of music except for Rap and heavy metal screaming noise, I currently teach American Sign Language in a 6 month long FREE Program in Walton County (classes are already started and no one can join or jump in). I also like horses and dogs and cats. I love all kinds of animals. I use to own Sugar Gliders, Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Fish, Cockatiels, Love birds, Green Cheek Conure, Sun Conure and Parakeets. Right now I have 2 cats- 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. I have some tattoo's that are not done but none of them are dark or negative. 

I currently am stuck at home and taking care of my Roommate and male friend  that has Cancer,so I have some free time to just have fun. I enjoy going out to fairs, flea markets, events in town (that are FREE preferrably) and site seeing. I also love Camping, Hiking and exploring. I am old school and believe in old fashioned values, but I am open minded and am willing to learn new things and new ideas. I don't like to argue (detest it)...I'd rather talk our problem rationally and with calm tones in our voice and work things out. 

I am willing to e-mail or text message via cellphone for awhile before talking on the phone or meeting in person in order to get to know you. I hope we hit it off and become good friends and work our way up to being BEST FRIENDS. I am not looking for an overnight thing or intstantanious connection. I know great Friendshipships takes time and hard work. Thank you for reading a little bit about me. I hope to hear from you.

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