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Meet IVAN and BORIS, two very handsome RUSSIAN BLUES. These gorgeous boys are the real deal. Ivan is 3 years old and Boris is 2 years old. They both are 2 paw declawed, FIV/FeLV negative, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Ivan is the bigger of the two and his eyes are more round. They both have short blue double coats that are easy to care for and soft green eyes.

Ivan is more laid back and go with the flow and Boris is your greeter and talker. Both boys are very well behaved and enjoy the company of each other and their human friends. Boris is a little shy and may hide at first but is always quick to come out and greet you with some chatter. He is a talkative boy, but not overly talkative. He just wants to ask how your day was and share some of his day with you.  Both Ivan and Boris LOVE to look out the window, so a home with multiple options for them to gaze out and nap in front of a window would be great. They love to explore and are pretty athletic. I think they would love cat shelves in their new home and nice tall cat trees. Boris loves to play one one one with wand toys and anything filled with catnip will make his heart smile. Ivan is more inclined to watch or catch a nap on your lap.

We don’t get a lot of Russian Blues and these boys are such a wonderful pair. They are one of the many reasons I love cats. They are sweet, friendly, playful, inquisitive and a joy to be around. The perfect home for them, would be one that has plenty of windows for them to gaze out, some cat trees for them to climb on and a big bonus would be cat shelves as I think they would really enjoy that. They did live with dogs previously and were ok, as long as the dogs are cat friendly and don’t chase or get in their face. Another cat friendly cat may be fine as well. As long as slow and proper introductions are done. Respectful older kids that will not chase them or want to carry them around would be fine too.

They have been perfect with their litter box and even though they don’t have claws they still like to have things to scratch on. They enjoy both wet and dry food and look forward to a home that will continue to offer them both. Ivan and Boris are bonded and will need to go home together. If you are looking for a great pair of cats that are sure to give you a lifetime of love then apply today for these rare beauties.

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