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“Taking The Time to Think and Keeping Your Brain Alive”


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“Taking The Time to Think and Keeping Your Brain Alive”

The problem with so many of us is that we never take the time to think to analyze a problem! This happens for various reasons, but the one likely reason is that in our life we have so many interruptions. These interruptions come from texts, phone calls, TV commercials, Breaking News Stories, Weather Threats, dealing with Children, Spouses, and problems of the heart etc. These interruptions literally take us away from what we were pondering, and we lose our train of thought! These interruptions cause us to make quick problem-solving decisions that so many times are so wrong. This day take time to think about Jesus Christ, The Savior of the world, who brought us undying “Love”! So, as we think about things crossing our minds, think about this: we never seen “God Almighty”, we don’t know what he looks like, but God in his creativeness gave us a “Son”, Jesus Christ. God put a face on the word “God” so that people living today have a glimpse of what “The Son of God”, looked like! God gave “Man” a Savior, a “Son”, Jesus Christ; born by the “Virgin Mary”, “The Mother of God”, begotten, not made, without “Sin”. He gave us Jesus Christ, who brought us his teaching of “The New Testament”, bringing man “Undying Love”, teaching and speaking of how we should treat and live with one another, without the hatred! Jesus preached The Gospel to all Israelites and Gentiles alike. Teaching and preaching his Gospel, he grew many enemies that wanted him to be removed, because his followings were growing by leaps and bounds. His enemies did not believe that he was the “Savior”, The Son of God, after all he was the son of a carpenter! The enemies of Jesus roused the crowds against him, they got him arrested, they scorned, ridiculed him, tortured, and put him to “Death” on the cross at Calvary! In the thirty-three {33} years that Jesus walked the “Earth”; he changed the “World” forever. He was born, tortured, and died so that the “Sins” of man, past, present, and future could be forgiven if, “Ye Believeth in Him”, and “Man’s Soul” could have “Eternal Life” after our “physical Life on earth came to an end!

So, in our thoughts while we work, and tend to family matters, let us take the time to think about what we are doing or what we are about to do, for the sake of living a balanced life! A helter-skelter life is very detrimental to the “Human Spirit” and those that might surround you! God created “Man”, to be able to think to live and survive. We must learn to take the time in our lives to “think” about those irritations that we encounter throughout our days and learn how to use our brain power to figure out how to eliminate those irritations, how to solve our problems! We cannot use our brain power to solve, to think about anything when our time is not spent wisely. We cannot use our brain power to solve, to think about anything when our time is spent watching a movie, about a story, a life, that is not ours! Going to “The Movies” is good, but it can be very detrimental, when your life or all your free time is spent totally viewing one after another. Not only Movies, but playing Video Games, Cell Phone games, Texting, Partying too much etc.

Doing too much in excess can affect your thinking and even your physical abilities to work and solve problems that are haunting you. God gave us a brain to think with, to solve problems by attaining the necessary information to solve the problem and he gave us the brain power to search to encounter the “Truths” in this “Life” that we have all been given! Today, start thinking about the words that you might use to “Speak to God Almighty”, Our Creator of all life seen and unseen. Think of the words that you might use to thank him for all that you have been given and have attained in this “Life”! God Bless You and let Jesus Christ be with you and in you all the days of your life on earth!


Share a prayer with all!

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