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UFOs, Are They Real ???


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I have been prompted to writing this information due to the fact that the media has been displaying much information, etc, about UFOs lately.

Many years ago, around 1987, I was led or prompted to conducting research into UFOs, literally means ‘Unidentified Flying Objects, and extra-terrestrials. My then research resulted in discovering an organization called “The Aetherius Society”. This Society has been helping to spread and act upon the truth about UFOs and alien life since the 1950s. Check this society out for yourselves, Google search, etc.

As our understanding of other planets, the Solar System and the universe grows, we are collectively realizing that intelligent life simply must exist outside of Earth. People deserve to know the truth.

The term UFO is often used to refer to alien spacecraft. Of course, many objects first thought to be alien spacecraft, turn out to be other things. But there are still some that simply can’t be explained by conventional means.

Some UFOs display very unusual behaviors that don’t fit with these, or indeed with any known terrestrial technology or phenomena, such as:

  • Extreme speeds.

  • Apparently impossible changes of direction - speeding in one direction and then suddenly changing to another at a sharp angle without any slowing down

  • Blinking in and out as though a light is being switched on and off.

Further research into The Aetherius Society:

They are propelled by a magnetic device which exerts an equal thrust upon every atom of substance within the ship, thereby cancelling out any effects of gravitational weight which may be caused by high acceleration within the gravitational pull of a planetary body.”

Of their ability to become invisible the Society states:

Some vessels from Interplanetary Parliament can be de-materialized at will by their operators and the vibratory octave of their existence so changed as to become invisible to our eyesight. The phenomena has been noted on numerous occasions by aircraft which have been pursuing these flying saucers.

Invisibility can also be brought about in another way. At times the operators of Scout Vessels and Mother-Ships choose to rotate the streams of photons around their craft in a 360 degree arc, thereby rendering themselves invisible to the ordinary eye.”

The Aetherius Society covers a wide range of topics but there are some core themes running through them, the most prevalent being selfless service to others and that the Mother Earth is quickening her vibrations onto a higher spiritual frequency.

  • UFOs and Religion by the Aetherius Society (check it out).


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