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Ray Ban 64mm Aviator Sunglasses: Vintage and *RARE* {Must see description below}


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Ad number:#1029678609
Contact:james amen
City:Inverness, FL
Posted in: Ocala Collectibles


The Condition of these Ray~Bans are New and Unworn, 1980s Original, and Kept in pristine, mint condition.

Item description from the seller:

Why these Ray~Ban Aviator Sunglasses are so unique:

1]  These vintage Ray~Ban 64mm Aviator sunglasses are VERY Rare.

They are *REAL*, Authentic, Original Ray~Ban Aviators.
So~called "Ray-Ban" sunglasses are still manufactured in the world today, but they are NOT, and never will be, the Original, vintage Ray~Bans of the 1980s and 1990s.  Ray~Ban sunglasses were previously manufactured in the US that gave them their unique style and awesome look.  But then, in 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold their Ray~Ban brand to Luxottica Group, an Italian eyewear conglomerate company, based in Milan, Italy.  However, since being acquired by Luxottica Group, Ray~Ban sunglasses have been drastically changed in many of their designs; in that, many of the distinctive features, that original Ray~Ban sunglasses had when they were produced in the 1980s, are gone.  For example, some modern Ray-Ban sunglasses look and feel like just a cheap pair of plastic sunglassses.
They simply do not make Ray~Bans like they used to any more.
'Ray-Ban' and 'BL' {Bausch & Lomb} are laser~etched in them near the hinges. The top of the nose bridge is impressed B&L Ray-Ban USA while the bottom of the bridge is impressed B&L Ray-Ban 64 [] 14.

2]  These iconic, black Ray~Ban Aviators also have a very rare 64mm size.

This model is extremely difficult {if not almost impossible} to find today; still brand new, and in the 64mm size.
In~fact, "Ray-Ban" no longer makes Ray~Ban Aviators in 64mm.  Therefore, it is not just a "discontinued model lens size", but, historically, these particular Ray~Bans are something more like an antique, or, gem.  So, however many there were ever made of them, at the time they were produced in the US, is all there is left of them.
The lenses measure approximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" at the widest points.

3]  Because these Ray~Bans are so unique, you will know that you're wearing a one~of~a~kind pair of sunglasses.


These particular pair of Ray~Bans are still new, not worn, and have been kept in absolute pristine, mint condition.


4]  There never was a smoother looking pair of sunglasses than original Ray~Bans.

And that makes these vintage designed Ray~Ban sunglasses stand out all the more.  They are ultra~cool !
These are considered unisex Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.


There are 4 items in this Ray Ban Package:

  • Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses
  • Brown Classic Ray Ban Aviator case
  • Vintage Tan Ray Ban case, for Sun visor
  • Brand new Black Ray Ban case, for a sleek variety

These are all authentic Ray~Ban products, and new {Tan vintage Ray Ban case is in excellent condition despite time}.

A word about the price of these Ray~Bans:

The value of these Ray~Bans is really closer in the range of $500~$600 because of the rareness and unavailability of these particular type and style of vintage Ray~Ban sunglasses wordlwide.  The fact is, there are no more of these available anywhere, still new, not worn, and in ideal condition.

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