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Ad number:#1033334033
Contact:Lelia Yamada
City:Hemet, CA
Compensation:$125k - $255k/yr


This Opportunity:

Our Company is currently initiating a search for a Full Time Structures Representative for our San Jose, California office. The position can be located within the Santa Cruz, South Bay, and San Francisco Bay Area. Be involved in projects with our PMCM Team and be a part of a growing organization that meets our client’s objectives and solves their challenges.

The Structures Representative provides technical leadership for complex construction management projects or programs, serving as a Structures Representative supervising construction engineering and inspection activities. This person must be capable of applying diversified knowledge of construction engineering principles and practices and independently making decisions on significant construction engineering problems. Elements to be inspected or monitored may include false work, pile driving, cofferdams, cast-in-place concrete, waterproofing, structural steel, bearings, expansion joints, precast concrete elements, maintenance or traffic, and other similar activities.

This is NOT a Structural Design Engineer role. A Structures Representative is a local agency employee (or a consultant hired by a local agency) who performs quality assurance over the contractor’s work that involves structures and who performs the contract’s necessary structure-related administrative tasks.

Your Impact:

  • Reviewing and inspecting plans and calculations for: falsework; shoring; staging; bridge removal; and other technical submissions, on City, County, Caltrans and other State projects.
  • Responding to and effectively resolving field construction issues.
  • Conducting meetings between contractor, owner, utilities and other project parties.
  • Inspecting, documenting, and coordinating field test of construction materials.
  • Analyzing construction costs of changed conditions, drafting change orders, and recommending claims dispositions.
  • Preparing constructability reviews and reports.
  • Assumes responsibility for field engineering, contract administration, inspection, testing, surveying, and quality control on one large or several small construction projects.
  • Supervises field inspection and field office personnel.
  • Represents projects at meetings and conferences.
  • Exercise responsible and ethical decision-making regarding company funds, resources and conduct and adhere to Our Company’s Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Perform additional responsibilities as required by business needs.


Our Company does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters, employment agencies, or other staffing services. Unsolicited resumes include any resume or hiring document sent to our company in the absence of a signed service agreement where our company has expressly requested recruitment/staffing services specific to the position at hand. Every random résumé, including those sent to hiring managers or other company executives, will become the property of our company and our company will have the right to hire that candidate without reservation – no fee or other compensation will be owed or paid to the recruiter, employment agency, or other staffing service.

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