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Enhance Your Cinematic Vision with the FEELWORLD FW568 V2 5.5 Inch DSLR Camera Field Monitor


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FEELWORLD FW568 V2 5.5 Inch 3D LUT DSLR Camera Field Monitor IPS Full HD1920x1152 Support HDMI Output With Tilt Arm for Gimbal

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In the fast-evolving world of videography and filmmaking, having the right equipment is crucial to achieving professional-grade results. One such tool that has been making waves in the industry is the FEELWORLD FW568 V2 5.5 Inch 3D LUT DSLR Camera Field Monitor. Packed with features designed to elevate your filmmaking experience, this compact monitor offers a plethora of benefits for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

Crystal Clear Display:

At the heart of the FW568 V2 is its impressive 5.5-inch IPS Full HD 1920x1152 display. This high-resolution screen ensures that every detail in your footage is rendered with unparalleled clarity and sharpness. Whether you're reviewing intricate scenes or focusing on precise compositions, the monitor's exceptional image quality provides a reliable reference point for achieving your creative vision.

Advanced 3D LUT Technology:

One standout feature of the FW568 V2 is its incorporation of 3D LUT (Look-Up Table) technology. This innovative addition allows users to apply custom color profiles, enhancing the overall look and feel of their footage. The ability to fine-tune color grading directly on the monitor opens up new creative possibilities, giving filmmakers greater control over the visual aesthetics of their projects. With the FW568 V2, achieving the desired mood and tone in your videos has never been more accessible.

Optimized for DSLR Cameras:

Designed with DSLR users in mind, the FW568 V2 supports HDMI output, providing seamless compatibility with a wide range of cameras. This monitor becomes an indispensable companion for those shooting with mirrorless or DSLR cameras, offering a larger and more detailed view of the composition. The HDMI output ensures a straightforward connection, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go filmmakers and content creators.

Tilt Arm for Versatility:

The inclusion of a tilt arm adds a layer of versatility to the FW568 V2. The adjustable arm allows users to set up the monitor at various angles, ensuring optimal viewing no matter the shooting conditions. Whether mounted on a gimbal, tripod, or handheld rig, the tilt arm provides flexibility and convenience, adapting to the dynamic requirements of different shooting scenarios.

Enhanced Focus and Framing:

Achieving precise focus and framing is essential in videography, and the FW568 V2 excels in assisting filmmakers in these critical aspects. The larger display not only makes it easier to check focus but also aids in framing shots accurately. This is especially valuable for scenarios where a small built-in camera screen might be insufficient, such as when shooting in bright sunlight or challenging environments.


In the realm of DSLR camera field monitors, the FEELWORLD FW568 V2 5.5 Inch stands out as a powerhouse of features and functionality. Its high-resolution display, 3D LUT technology, HDMI output compatibility, and versatile tilt arm make it an invaluable tool for filmmakers striving to elevate their craft. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional, the FW568 V2 promises to enhance your cinematic vision and bring your creative ideas to life with unmatched precision and clarity.

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