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Four kittens, 2 Left born April 4, 2014


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Contact:Joseph Ellis


I will not reply to email inquiries.  That’s why I provide a phone number I do not check emails, nor will I respond to them.

Free: With Conditions Four kittens, 2 Left born April 4, 2014. Please read my conditions below thank you.

They have been tested for Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) results were negative for all; they have had their 1st & 2nd distemper and booster shot along with 1st & 2nd plus a third deworming medication to make sure.

The orange male kitten was neuter and rabies shot July 29, 2014.

There are two males and two females the males are the orange and the gray and the females are the tortoiseshell color. As of June 22, 2014, the gray one and one of the tortoiseshell females has been adopted. There are two left for someone to adopt still.

Here is a link to a video I have taken May 11, 2014 of the four kittens and the mother.

The mother is tortoiseshell in color, along with two of the kittens there is also a gray one with a little white on his chest area and there's orange one also with white run through the underbelly and chest area.

Thank you.

My conditions are.

The requirements that I am asking you to provide for the adoption and safety of any of these cats are nothing compared to any of the below agencies. Then all you have to do is get an application from any humane society or Paws or friends of all animals or any other agency that has pets in their care for adoption. Then you will see what I'm asking for the adoption and protection of the cats is minimal. If you would like to adopt any of the seven cats/kittens that I have there are conditions you must meet, there are no exceptions to the rules/conditions. Looking for Good & Safe Homes, I am not just looking to get these cats Off My Hands. Please must be within 30 Minutes To or From My Home. Must be a home owner only, will not consider anyone renting an apartment/home under no condition.

1. Must make appointment, would need two days to set things up. This is needed for me to have a cat or cats that you are interested in adopting into a room for you and the cat to be able to interact with each other; otherwise they would just run once you came into my home. You will also need photo ID/driver’s license so I will know you are who you say you are, I will be more than glad to show you my driver’s license also.

2. You will come to my home then if everything goes fine we will set up a delivery time for me to bring the cat/cats to your home, there is no exceptions to these conditions.

3. The cat or cats that you are interested in adopting is for your family home only, and that these cats will only be indoor cats. Not indoor outdoor cats. Because animals don't know to look both ways. You cannot have any other pets of any kind in your home if you would like to adopt these cats.

4. I must insist that any of these cats that you adopt will not be declawed for that procedure does not just remove the nail/claw. It removes the first joint that the nail/claw is attached to. Providing scratching pads and keeping a spray bottle of water close by works great.

5. You also agree to if need be to have any of the cats spayed or neutered and any necessary vaccination that may be needed by your vet or your local veterinarian clinic. This must be done prior to my follow-up visitation checkup that will take place 30 days from the date of signing the adoption agreement.

6. Any and all of the above will be in writing, signed and dated prior to receiving any other cats that I have up for adoption. For this will give me some recourse to retrieve or to remove the adopt cat's, If you fail to live up to any of the above conditions. 30 days from the date of signing, I will be permitted a onetime only follow-up visitation to check on the health and care of the adopt cats and that all conditions are met. You don't have to like my conditions but I assure you that no one will receive any of these cats/kittens that I have in my care without meeting the above. There are very cruel people in this world I would do my best to make sure these cats will not meet any of them.

If at any time you are unable to provide food and shelter and care in general. Please just give me a call. I would be more than glad to take any of the cats back into my home. I will hope that you love and care enough to do that for them. For if you take then to the Humane Society. Most if not all, unless stated otherwise, are not a non-kill shelter. - See more at: .

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