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Havanese CKC registered purebred puppy


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Heavenly Havanese - Purebred CKC Registered Champion Show line Puppy for sale.

The litter was born on August 3, 2023.

Odis (male puppy) – AVAILABLE – Odis is an extreme white parti also known as piebald pattern with only one black dot near his tail and a beautiful multicoloured head. His head is a much darker silver sable with multicoloured flecks including some brindle patterns of chocolate, red, golden, silver, and black and white. His black nose with deep dark brown eyes stand out against the white on the front of his muzzle and silver around his eyes. The silver and black should continue to mellow as he matures. However, he will likely retain a lot of the brindle and silver sable with multi colored highlights and points. He has larger ears and they really define a unique personality and charm. Odis has a very dignified appearance that will continue to evolve with his personality. He is a smart and gentle Alpha puppy who doesn't feel the need to be too assertive. He is a charming boy and patiently waits his turn for love. He should be an average sized male as an adult. Odis is calm and likes to snuggle. He would be great in for showing; obedience, tricks, or even just to snuggle in your lap. He is very smart and confident puppy. He has been learning tons already. Odis is already on his way to potty training and even holds it through the night! This is very advanced for his age. He is crate trained, which really helps towards separation anxiety and away time. Odis is a perfect fit for anyone who is interested in a high quality pup and wants a head start in the training process. Odis is already starting to learn basic obedience training such as sit, stay, back in the yard, go pee and poop, etc. His high intelligence level is a result of our show quality dogs, who come from a long line of championship genetics and show winners. He would make anyone happy whether it be for pet or competition.

The Havanese breed is known for its sweet and beautifully well-mannered temperament. Many people do not realize that Havanese are a type of bichon and often what is found in crossbred bichon mixes. They are a cousin to the french white curly Bichon Frise; similar in size and attitude. Both are very intelligent dogs and historically were often used in the circus. The Bichon Frise were often circus ring dogs performing tricks as they are very smart, easy to handle, great to train, as well as pretty flashy as a classy pure white French dog. Havanese are the Bichon Frise’s cousin and were brought over to Cuba by Spaniards as companion dogs, where they quickly became popular with the noble class in Havana (thus their name). They were also often used in the circus, but as they are very colourful they would often act as entertainers with the circus clowns. These breeds thrive to please people and are known as happy little clown dogs, as they get great joy out of entertaining.

Most Havanese coats tend to be silky and smooth although they can have wavy and even curly coats. Most of our dogs tend to have silkier coats with some waves although we still get one or two with a bit more curls. Havanese are also known as the “Rainbow Dog” as unlike their white curly cousins, they come in a very wide variety of colours. Their coats also change colour depending on the age of the dog as a puppy, youth, or adult as well as the length of the coats. Many of the coats, especially those with tipping, change into an ombre effect as they grow in length. Eye colour and nose colour is also more variant in Havanese. Brown eyes are classic but there are also rare blue, green, and hazel eyes possible. Nose colour may also be classic black or chocolate found in more rare colourings which also often come with rare eye colours.

Havanese are known to be good with children, the elderly, and other pets. These dogs today are still used in agility training as well as many obedience and trick shows, such as the classic dance move dogs often seen as a newer style in show rings today. They are also people pleasing little lap dogs that love their humans. They make perfect companion dogs and emotional support pets. They adapt into many homes easily as a small dog. Havanese are hypoallergenic and have very low shedding coats. These dogs are often tolerated more than other animals by people who suffer sensitivity to pet dander. Due to their high intelligence, loving nature and warm disposition, many use this breed for emotional support and medical assistance dogs. Some of our puppies previously rehomed are currently working as emotional support dogs. If interested, I can provide information on how to register your dog as an emotional support dog.

Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We have included a video slideshow of Odis' litter. Please contact us via email or text for any other questions or for more information. We will gladly set up a time for you to view the puppies via Zoom or in person. Please understand we also like to ask questions to make sure you are ready for the investment of time and resources required and the responsibility of owning a new puppy. We like to ensure all our dogs have good responsible owners so please welcome our questions too.

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