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Ad number:#1035245852
Contact:Sarah McKibben
City:Houston, TX
Posted in: Houston Horses


Lucky is the hottest colour and by the hottest sire in today’s reining world! Lucky is 15 hands, Buckskin, blue eyed, bald faced, with 4 matching white legs and he’s by the one and only, SPOOKS GOTTA WHIZ, producer of $6.65+ million, triple crown champion, and NRHA Hall of Fame inductee. Lucky is super easygoing, very trained, forever honest, and just an all-around sweetheart of a gelding. At 5 years old he’s ready to go any direction you choose. He has been shown in the NRHA reining and would fit right into the ranch riding, trail, and versatility events. Lucky is very quiet, laid back and kind. He would fit any level of rider from a kid to an older adult. He has an extra dose of gentleness and is always reliable and safe. He has the cutest little jog and a great lope that you can sit all day. He will maintain the same speed on a loose rein and is very comfortable and simple to ride. Lucky has a super inquisitive, sweet, charming, personality, that you’ll fall in love with every time you’re around him. He has excellent ground manners and is always a gentleman on the ground and on his back. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body towards people, horses, or any other animals. Lucky is a flat mover and has a naturally level head set. He is very easy to do all manoeuvres on, including spins, lead changes, gait transitions, lead departures, and side passes, and has a really nice, smooth sliding stop. He neck reins and guides very willingly and has great direction wherever you send him. Lucky is good with all the trail obstacles in and out of the arena. He’s not spooky out on the trails, highway, neighbourhoods, or new places and never causes any trouble whatsoever. He’s a happy, fun gelding that is always a pleasure to ride. He looks stellar in an English saddle and goes bareback too. He rides amazing bridle-less and is as honest as he would be with a bit in his mouth. Lucky enjoys a laid-back ride through the desert and going down to the river. He’s good in the AZ mountains and creeps right through the rocky terrain. He doesn’t bat an eye at all the animals, equipment, and chaos around our place. He will also lay down with a touch of a finger to mount and dismount. Lucky will be an exceptional asset to anyone’s family. No matter what you want to do, horseback, this gorgeous guy will make it fun and take care of you. Proudly offered by Sarah McKibben. Give us a buzz at (708) 304-3058 or email.

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