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Ad number:#1035764457
City:Canton, OH
Compensation:$25.00 - $26.00/HR


Lathe Operator - openings (4) for 2nd and 3rd shifts - Canton, OH - JOB 24-00296

Hourly Range: $25.00 - $26.00/HR plus overtime - Permanent Position with Benefits

Details: Full time. Shifts: 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.; 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 40+ hours/week mandatory Sunday through Saturday. (Top wages based on experience, but trainees are accepted).


  • Responsible for running any of 8 machines under the NC Operator classification.
  • This involves tasks related to setup, machine operation and disposing of chips as required.
  • Shift: 8 hours regular shifts and 10 hours overtime shifts
  • Breaks: 30 minutes paid break

Machines 207, 208, 209:
• An overhead crane is used on these machines to set rolls and take out chip boxes.
The employee can hook up the chain for chip box by squatting to the level of the chain and not having to lift it to place it on the crane hook.
• The employee also needs to make an average of 4 tool changes per shift on this machine. Based on the design of the machine, the tool change is made between knee and waist level, and some have easier leverage than others. They weigh between 10-40 pounds and are handled on an infrequent basis per hour.
• Once set-up is completed, the employee runs the machine using automatic controls between waist and chest level with minimal coordination of bilateral hands.
• When the machine is running, the employee is only required to supervise the operation and dislodge chips on an occasional to frequent basis per hour.
• Chips on the 207 and 209 are pushed by climbing on 2 steps (20 inches and 15 inches) and using a 6-pound chip pusher to dislodge the chips while using a partial squatting motion in the standing position. Chips on the 208 are pushed from a vertical position at ground level and this mostly involves using bilateral arms.
• The repetitiveness and amount of force used with the chip pusher varies based on the weight of the chips and the amount of chips generated by the rolls. The employee can vary the amount of force used by pushing fewer chips more often, but would need to do this more often to avoid a buildup of chips.
• * Operators are assisted by the Productive Helper. The more physical aspects of the job can be accommodated.

Machine 206:
• This machine has the same setup and operation as the three mentioned above, but does not have hydraulics to move the rolls on the machine.
• The rolls have to be locked or unlocked from their location by using a variety of cranks, wrenches, etc. This involves increased use of bilateral upper extremities with twisting of the trunk. Need to be able to push and pull with at least 50 pounds of force to use the tools.
• In spite of the more physical nature of locking and moving the roll, this machine has better ergonomics as it does not require the employee to bend and reach as much as the other machines and lends itself to better body mechanics.
• Operators are assisted by the Productive Helper. The more physical aspects of the job can be accommodated.

Machines 234 and 210:
• This machine has the same operation as the above machine with the exception of being physically harder for the following reasons.
• Need to be able to lift a 55-pound tool without a jib crane and place it at 28 inches off the floor from the left side and make sure it fits in the slot for the tool. There is only a space of 2 feet on the side of the insert, so that the employee would not be able to stand in front of it and perform this task.
• Also need to be able to handle a chip pusher that is 10 feet 8 inches long and weighs 15 pounds on an occasional to frequent basis per hour.
• Need to be able to push chips that are approximately 12 feet away. Need to perform this on an hourly basis and the amount of force used varies based on the weight and type of the chips. If the chips are lighter, there are more of them generated and this leads to pushing on a repetitive basis. However, if the chips are heavier, then the same load needs to be pushed more often to be moved and the task remains repetitive.
• The employee can decrease the force used by pushing small loads more frequently, but this will increase the repetitiveness of the task.
• Operators are assisted by the Productive Helper. The more physical aspects of the job can be accommodated.

Machine 205 - Dual Compound Lathe (Use Only One Compound):
• The cutters on this machine need to be mounted twice the number of times as a regular lathe as they cut from both ends.
• The parts are mounted sideways from the right and the left.
• On one side the part is mounted 25 inches off the floor from approximately 2 feet away and from 6 inches away on the other side.
• Do not need to use a chip pusher on this machine as they move into the underground bin by themselves, but the employee needs to be able to use a broom to knock them down with minimal force on an infrequent to occasional basis per hour.
• Operators are assisted by the Productive Helper. The more physical aspects of the job can be accommodated.

Candidates are required to pass a Criminal Background Check and a 10 Panel Drug Screen.

Only U.S. Citizens or persons with a Green Card work permit may apply.

Due to the large amount of resumes we expect to receive only the most qualified candidates will be contacted. We will retain all other resumes for any future job considerations.

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